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Kalives Harbour with Panth tx 44. A good fishing and tour vessel. We already had a lot of good trips in the Souda Bay and along the coast to Georgioupolis

Over the Crete Rainbow...(Souda Bay)

Kalives Harbour with construction of the new church. The harbour is a very popular and cosy place with swimming/bathing people on the nice sandy beach.

A trip to Marathi Harbour on the north side of Souda Bay.

Very popular harbour with good restaurants and nice beaches

The captain on his boat in Kalives

View from Tsivarás against Aptera

A Cup of coffe at Galazio Kima- a Crete beach Kalives north

Almirida Crete beach

Almirida Crete beach in winter time

Chania Post, Your Local Free Paper


We are the weakest wheel of the European Union. Today we are facing a remarkable financial war and our country holds the role of "David" in the Eurozone. We are disappointed as we realize that our politicians have actually sold their ideals, their country.
Greece, the cradle of civilization and democracy faces the most unfair system and lives in a society ruled by inappropriate people.

"Greece is on the brink of bankruptcy. But we are not a bankrupt nation.
  • We are Greeks
  • People with the power to imagine
  • People with the intelligence to turn imagination into reality
  • People do great things when they feel great about themselves
  • And nations do great things when they feel great about themselves
  • Let's not forget about the past, but let's not bask in it either
We need a future vision which ties the things that the world loves and admires about ancient Greece with things that the world will love about future Greece."
said Peter Economides, a brand strategist with global perspective.

We agree very much with his statement and look forward to Greeks (new leaders acting) doing something about it!

Exclusive Interview With Steve Vranakis

You retain strong ties with Greece. How does it feel to watch the crisis from the outside and through more objective eyes? What is wrong with this country after all?

Greece is at the heart of everything we do as a family. Our religion, food, traditions, language, everything revolves around being Greek.
My wife is also Greek and both my sons were born in Greece. It pains me to see the country going through such a difficult time, hence why I try to do what I can to help out. As I mentioned earlier, we need to tell the world a different story. One of youth brimming with ideas, enthusiasm and optimism. People who are very entrepreneurial and driven to start their own companies.

Do you believe that Greece could be very successful in the technological sector...may be a new Silicon Valley?

According to World Economic Forum data, Greece ranks 10th in the world in terms of available scientists and engineers. Recently I was corrected and told we now rank 5th. This is an incredible achievement for a small nation like ours. Reload Greece is an organization that tries to help and mentor startups that are launched primarily by Greeks but outside of Greece. They don't necessarily encourage them to return to Greece, but to tap into our highly skilled human capital like the engineers mentioned previously. They help start ups scale and promote their businesses abroad whilst helping them retain ties and tap into the tech infrastructure of Greece. A really, really good idea and a great example of Greek ingenuity.

Despite the fact that you were not born or raised in Greece and that you currently live abroad, you are still connected with your Greek side. You don,t forget Sfakia and Chania and of course the people of Crete. What is the feeling every time you return to Crete?

Crete as we know is a very unique part of Greece. The living in Crete people are extremely proud and respectful of each other and the eart that provides them with the substinance. I am extremely proud to be Greek and incredibly honored to be from Crete. I have a small stone house in the old town of Chania that,s hundreds of years old that we spend a few months a year in and we also come back for Easter and Christmas along with the summer holidays. Every time I,m in Crete I really feel at home. I feel like I returned to where I come from. I try to use a lot of the values and principles passed down from generations to help guide my thinking and decisions even today.

Press Release — On June 27
Members of Chania animal welfare organisations attended the council meeting where they did read and distributed a letter to all the council members stating the situation in the town of Chania as regards the lack of management of strays from Chania and the efforts of the administration to obstruct and prevent the voluntary sterilisation of strays programme.

A follow up meeting with the mayor afterwards did not produce any results.

In their letter, signed by Natasa Bobolaki, the Animal Welfare Associations of Chania points to the obstructive role of the (Vetinerary) agricultural economy management of Chania, effectively preventing the implementation of council decisions and defying public will to find a viable humane and moral solution to the long-standing problem of stray animals.

The excuse is always the law which is sometimes interpreted strictly, sometimes loosely, as it suits, to continue acting against the interests of the stray animals, disregarding the (legal) responsibilities of the municipality for the management of stray animals.

As a result, the municipal animal surgery remains closed and sick and injured animals remain untreated, with individual citizens taking on the dilemma and responsibility relating to sick and injured stray animals themselves, or abandoning them to their suffering, without the slightest support from the authorities

The volunteers are disheartened, the AWOs are financially exhausted, the town of Chania is presenting a negative picture nationally and internationally, as it is the only municipality in the prefecture that makes no effort to manage the worsening situation with stay animals.

The letter then asks:
Who dictates the policy of the council?
Who is really responsible for running this council?
The council and mayor have good intentions but seem unable to implement any decisions regarding stray animals.

Finally, the Chania AWOs ask the council to appoint a person responsible for the management of strays, someone able to deal with the situation without being intimidated.

More pictures and info:

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