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Retire Online-Your bridge to retirement? It should be about "retiring" to whatever it is that you want to do.

Retire Online

Can you imagine to retire online, live a life more interesting than the one you are retiring from and the chance to invest in yourself?

I did find the winning combination to a happy and productive retirement.

Thanks to the Internet I have found new doors available to a better life and to retire online.

I've invested in others for so long, it's time to invest in myself. I have time to relax of course, and are only working on realizing my dreams.

It took me a few years to find out the way I wanted to go, after thinking about it for a while.
At first I did what mostly every young, early retiree, does. Off to explore new horizons, and challenges.

Soon I realized that almost all of us need an intellectual challenge to wake up to, each morning.

I also discovered that I was the only one to decide if I really wanted to wake up to an intellectual challenge, each morning

To day I am able to earn while I'm spending and enjoying life because of The Internet and because I can retire online. It is a powerful tool for gaining personal and financial independence.

We all deserve more than a frugal lifestyle and constant worry about money and future expenses (especially doctor or medication bills). Pension program funds are dwindling and the cost of living is climbing.

Building a Web site is also a great way to relieve stress, learn new things, meet different people, and build new friendships, without leaving the house.

We are a community of people from all over the globe

We have Forums for qualified guidance for everyone and it's a positive place to "help and be helped."

People from around the world meet to get and give answers, encouragement and ideas. Owners of the community are a rare breed who take the time to help each other to retire online and succeed.

I 've realized that online success is do-able

It is not reserved for technical wizards or savvy entrepreneurs.

Even those new to computers can use the process and tools to build a successful Web business.

Each step is laid out in simple language... no technological jargon.

If you've done any Google searches around the idea of building an online retirement business, you've likely found a lot of conflicting information. Everyone has a "voice" these days, and that makes it all the more challenging to separate what works versus what "might" work.

Yes, there will always be exceptional people who can piece everything together and somehow succeed. YOU might be one of those people. But for the rest of us "everyday people,'' we'd prefer a more straightforward path, one guided by those who have gone before us.

We won't spend time today on why this or that strategy or tool won't work. Instead we'll focus on how to have the right mindset and lay a solid foundation for your retirement business.

The most important point we hope you take away today is that "come up with an idea, register a domain name and just start blogging" is highly unlikely to put you on the path to success.

Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither are businesses.

Best Practices

The following best practices will help you develop a retirement business-building mindset and foundation.

First, we frequently see Facebook posts where people state their age and ask if they're too old to start a business. Dozens if not hundreds of people reply NO! These days, you're as old - or as young - as you feel and most people feel (and look!) much younger than they actually are.

Later in our mini course we'll introduce you to folks in the "Baby Boomer" and "Older Generation" season of life who have built very successful online retirement businesses.

If all of this sounds exciting to you, decide right now that you're going to be a successful business owner too. You CAN do this and you won't be left on your own because we have a whole friendly community just waiting to help you and cheer you on. Some, like you, are just starting out. Others are experienced, successful business owners who enjoy "paying it forward" by helping new business owners.

It's totally fine to work at your own pace as you build an online business. A retirement business is meant to be an enjoyable part of your life, and still allow time for activities, travel, grandchildren, etc.

Now that you've established the right mindset, what's the next step? Research!

Research is a Must Before Starting Any Business 

You will have to look at some numbers to determine what direction has the most opportunity for success.

Even if numbers are not your thing, stay open-minded and eager to learn. Learning about online business is fun! Well mostly. There are always one or two things we wish we could skip. That's natural and normal. You'll be supported by others in our community who do enjoy doing those tasks.

Be realistic about what you can achieve. We all start out wanting to do too much too fast because it's just so interesting, exciting and stimulating. Pacing yourself is key to making steady progress.

Another thing to consider is whether you would feel uncomfortable about selling to others. If you're unsure or the idea makes you want to turn and run, you're not alone - many of us feel like that. But what you'll be doing is not anything like the stereotypical view of doing sales.

You'll be mentioning products, services or other solutions that you truly believe in. In doing that, you'll be helping your audience find real life solutions to their problems.

Make up your mind to share your wisdom and experience with those who need it. They will honestly thank you for doing so.

Remember that you're building a retirement business because you've decided that it's the best option for you and your plans for retirement. It's a flexible, mobile option that can grow as much as you have time to devote to it. You can also take your business with you (via your laptop) and work on it wherever you go.

And on top of that, you'll be helping others.

We're going to discuss how you'll go about finding and developing your business concept, often referred to in the online space as a "niche."

Are you rubbing your hands together with anticipation, ready to get started? 


Find Your Niche

So what makes a good online business concept or niche?

First, there has to be interest from others in it, also known as demand. In other words, a reasonable number of people must be searching for information about your niche.

Second, it can't be too broad. Otherwise, the competition will be too great. It will be difficult to reach top rankings at the search engines (like Google) for many of your niche's keywords (the words people use when searching for what your business is about or offers).

An example of this would be travel. The travel niche is highly competitive. But if your concept is about a nearby quaint little touristy town that you love to spend time exploring, you may be on to a strong business idea.

Third, your concept must excite you. You'll be spending a lot of time "talking" about it in the form of creating content (pages, posts, videos, etc.). If you aren't super excited about your niche idea then, over time, you'll lose interest and it becomes "work."

A retirement business does take work, but you don't want it to become work you dread. Most of us have done that at one time or another in our lives. 

Fourth, the concept you choose must be in line with the amount of time you wish to devote to building your business. You may want to start very part-time long before you retire and then devote more time to it once you are retired.

Or maybe you're already retired, and you’re looking for an income-generating challenge. You decide to work on building a retirement business for 20, 30 or even 40 hours a week — taking time off whenever you choose. The time you set aside for your business directly impacts the pace at which it will grow.

Fifth, your concept needs to have a high Return On Investment (ROI) potential based on numbers. Return on Investment is just another term for “profit” - which is primarily what you hope to accomplish with a retirement business.

Whew! It's a lot to think about, we understand. And it's also a good place to stop for today. Read this email again a little later, allow your mind to process, and begin thinking about possible concepts for a retirement business. Do any really excite you? Write them down.

Sleep on it (as the saying goes) and we'll be back to make some theoretical decisions.

We'll pull together everything you’ve learned so far, and ask / answer a few more questions.

Our hope is that you'll end today with a shortlist of viable business topics and feel empowered to take the next step toward starting a retirement business.

Talking Things Through

At this point you may find yourself wishing you could communicate with a real person about the business topics and monetization ideas you’re considering.

Good news! While we're not exactly old school, we strongly believe that some “old school” behaviours should be preserved.

So we invite you to send up to 3 potential business concepts to us at We'll read/review them, do some keyword research using the
Brainstorm It! Keyword Research Tool to verify the viability level, and reply back to you with feedback and recommendations.

You will explore whether this is the right retirement opportunity for you.

From here we'll cover:

Personality  Design Visuals Do you write well enough? Positioning


Personality is just as important as everything else you've learned so far. The personality of your retirement business will most likely resemble your own. It should shine through in your design, imagery, writing, videos and social media.

Personality sets you apart from everyone else. No other person has your exact sense of humour, way of communicating, quirky expressions, disposition, opinions or experience.

You'll want to communicate consistently within your defined personality not just on your website or blog, but in any social platforms you may have such as Facebook.


The design of your website and any related visual components should also reflect your personality. For example, if your business topic idea is rather technical, you probably would not choose a flourish website design or use whimsical fonts.

While choosing the design for your retirement business is more of the creative and fun side of building a business, high value content is what ultimately matters. But you'll still want to have a good designed website too.
Visuals Photos, videos, logos, infographics and Pinterest pins are examples of visuals you can add to enhance not only the look and feel of your website but also to show more of your business’s personality.

A great example of well-matched design and visuals is
Gerhild Fulson’s recipe site "Just Like Oma." Gerhild’s use of bright colors, a creative logo that’s clearly about cooking, scrumptious recipe photos and well-placed Pinterest pins, all add up to one cohesive personality for her retirement business. 

Do You Write Well Enough?

If you’re not sure whether the way you write is good enough for building a retirement business, please allow us to encourage you. Writing online is far easier than the structured writing you did back in your school days.

We do recommend using proper punctuation and spelling, but writing for a blog or site is more personal than writing in school was. Your personality must come through to differentiate you and make you memorable.

One of the best ways to practice this skill is to audio-record your thoughts around a particular topic and then transcribe the recording. Edit, polish and you’re good to go. If you feel you need some practice, we’ll show you where to get helpful (and free) writing resources.


Thinking about personality, design, visuals, whether you write well enough and how you'll position yourself and your business are the final foundational steps in setting yourself up for building a successful retirement business.

With your own business you get to speak with authority. You're not hired, so your positioning is not constrained by a boss or an organization. You not only understand the needs of your audience, you have the experience and vision to better serve them.

You've done the foundational work, you've thought through the important steps. Now you're ready to go!

Retire online? Getting Close to Retirement? What Will You Retire To?

Hi, my name is Ken Evoy. I founded back in 1997, at a time after I thought I had "retired" for good shortly after 1991 (when my second daughter was born).

Well, it turns out that we never retire for good... not until we expire for good!

Some of us need a challenge, something to keep us excited about life. Too many still need money. Many need both. Me? I'm just a curious guy who "got interested in the Net" after I "retired."

And that's how SiteSell was born, a company that impacts lives in so many positive ways. Retirement should be about "retiring" to whatever it is that you want to do.

SBI! Spreads Among 50+ers Largely By Word-Of-Mouth

Income Plus:  Community                     

Friends show SBI! to friends. Word spreads increasingly through word-of-mouth. They explain how...

  • the best part is that you get to have the "retirement" you want by sharing what you know and love.
  • you achieve that through a website that attracts people with an interest in your niche.
  • you convert those visitors into fans who generate income by clicking on ads, by buying products, or who otherwise "monetize" through any of 15 methods for you to consider.

Maturity brings a patient, reasoned and positive attitude.

Income Plus:  91 And In Touch                     

And the "new life" that starts at 50 brings the motivation and energy to make "the rest" into "the best," free of bosses and other roadblocks that may have held one back.

Many younger people want everything to happen yesterday. Worse, many of them seem to have a sense of entitlement, expecting good things to just kind of happen if they merely "show up."

It can take a decade or two of "real world seasoning" (ex., the realities of responsibilities, bad bosses, endless cubicle life) before one is truly ready to grab SBI! with BAM, firm in a determined decision to own your business, own your life.

Ken Evoy
Founder of

Jack Feka


     Peggy Hanson   

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