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Retire Online- Your bridge to retirement? It should be about "retiring" to whatever it is that you want to do.

Retire Online

Can you imagine to retire online, live a life more interesting than the one you are retiring from and the chance to invest in yourself?

I did find the winning combination to a happy and productive retirement.

Thanks to the Internet I have found new doors available to a better life and to retire online.

I've invested in others for so long, it's time to invest in myself. I have time to relax of course, and are only working on realizing my dreams.

It took me a few years to find out the way I wanted to go, after thinking about it for a while.
At first I did what mostly every young, early retiree, does. Off to explore new horizons, and challenges.

Soon I realized that almost all of us need an intellectual challenge to wake up to, each morning.

I also discovered that I was the only one to decide if I really wanted to wake up to an intellectual challenge, each morning

To day I am able to earn while I'm spending and enjoying life because of The Internet and because I can retire online. It is a powerful tool for gaining personal and financial independence.

We all deserve more than a frugal lifestyle and constant worry about money and future expenses (especially doctor or medication bills). Pension program funds are dwindling and the cost of living is climbing.

Building a Web site is also a great way to relieve stress, learn new things, meet different people, and build new friendships, without leaving the house.

We are a community of people from all over the globe

We have Forums for qualified guidance for everyone and it's a positive place to "help and be helped."

People from around the world meet to get and give answers, encouragement and ideas. Owners of the community are a rare breed who take the time to help each other to retire online and succeed.

I 've realized that online success is do-able

It is not reserved for technical wizards or savvy entrepreneurs.

Even those new to computers can use the process and tools to build a successful Web business.

Each step is laid out in simple language... no technological jargon.

Retired? Getting Close?
What Will You Retire To?

Hi, my name is Ken Evoy. I founded back in 1997, at a time after I thought I had "retired" for good shortly after 1991 (when my second daughter was born).

Well, it turns out that we never retire for good... not until we expire for good!

Some of us need a challenge, something to keep us excited about life. Too many still need money. Many need both. Me? I'm just a curious guy who "got interested in the Net" after I "retired."

And that's how SiteSell was born, a company that impacts lives in so many positive ways. Retirement should be about "retiring" to whatever it is that you want to do.

SBI! Spreads Among 50+ers Largely By Word-Of-Mouth

Income Plus:  Community                     

Friends show SBI! to friends. Word spreads increasingly through word-of-mouth. They explain how...

  • the best part is that you get to have the "retirement" you want by sharing what you know and love.
  • you achieve that through a website that attracts people with an interest in your niche.
  • you convert those visitors into fans who generate income by clicking on ads, by buying products, or who otherwise "monetize" through any of 15 methods for you to consider.

Maturity brings a patient, reasoned and positive attitude.

Income Plus:  91 And In Touch                     

And the "new life" that starts at 50 brings the motivation and energy to make "the rest" into "the best," free of bosses and other roadblocks that may have held one back.

Many younger people want everything to happen yesterday. Worse, many of them seem to have a sense of entitlement, expecting good things to just kind of happen if they merely "show up."

It can take a decade or two of "real world seasoning" (ex., the realities of responsibilities, bad bosses, endless cubicle life) before one is truly ready to grab SBI! with BAM, firm in a determined decision to own your business, own your life.

Ken Evoy
Founder of

Jack Feka


     Peggy Hanson   

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