Fishing in Hawaii: Your Next Top Fishing Place-Stay Marlin Fishing Now

Fishing in Hawaii -The Adventure of a Lifetime Sport-fishing

Experience the fishing in Hawaii sport-adventure of a lifetime in some of the richest waters in the world with sport fish like ahi, mahi mahi, swordfish, and the incomparable blue marlin!

Nothing beats the thrill of big game fishing in Hawaii on the Kona Coast.

The sea conditions off the Kona coast are typically calm and sunny and the bottom conditions puts big-game fishing just 1/4 mile offshore...

The Fishing in Hawaii Captain Provides:

  • World-class Equipment

  • Comfortable amenities aboard

  • Easy-riding practical fishing design boat

  • All tackle and bait, ice, ice chests

You only need to bring food and beverages.
Personal items: Sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, camera etc.

Species Of Billfish On The Kona Coast:

  • Blue Marlin

  • Black marlin

  • Striped Marlin

  • Shortnose Spearfish

  • Pacific Sailfish

  • Broad Bill Swordfish

Marlin fishing in Hawaii seasons runs all year - summer season is the best time of the year.
Striped Marlin and Spearfish make strong appearances throughout the year.
Black Marlin and Pacific Sailfish has special seasons.

Ono (waho) and Mahi Mahi (dolphin/dorado) are caught all the year and are exceptional fighting fish.

Broadbill swordfish are among the most elusive sport fish to catch...

Shark and Night Fishing in Hawaii

Sharks can be caught on special Fishing in Hawaii trips...
Tiger sharks, tresher sharks and many other types can be raised.
For these trips additional supplies and special rates are needed.

Spend the day with a spectacular view of the coastline and a variety of sea life to enjoy, including whales, dolphins, turtles and occasional creatures such as the ocean moonfish. (Opah)

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Full speed to big game fishing

Almost ready for fishing in Hawaii

A big fishing in Hawaii catch

This is Called Ocean-effect

There are a number of unique conditions that make the Kona Coast ideal for big game fishing in Hawaii tournaments. When you think of big game fishing, you'll often think of nasty ocean conditions, big waves, and tumultuous weather. This can make the job of actually catching and hauling in big game fish much more difficult.


1. The temperatures in Hawaii are always fairly moderate. The state of Hawaii has never even recorded a temperature above 100 degrees Fahrenheit. This always surprises people because we're the southernmost state, but the amount of water surrounding the islands keeps temperatures moderated.


This is what's called ocean-effect. Water absorbs extremes of heat and cold, creating a sort of opposite effect to what's happening on land. There are no big land masses to radiate day heat either, meaning there's no coastal heat extending far out into the ocean. This means we'll usually be catching fish in temperatures from the 70s to the 90s, even during the summer. That's pretty ideal for big game that can take two hours-plus to catch.


2. We do have some great big mountains and volcanoes. These do a lot to shelter the surrounding seas from the Pacific trade winds. These mountains cast a sort of invisible shadow of calmer weather by blocking and slowing winds that would otherwise roil up the seas. The Kona coast is leeward of one of Hawaii's most famous mountains. This can make a difference for big game fishing unlike anywhere else.


3. We don't have to go far for our catch. It's calmer near the coast, and Hawaii's sea floor drops off very quickly and very steeply. This allows for big game fish as close as a quarter mile from shore. Thousand pounds marlin are regularly caught in the 2-to-5 miles range. This means we don't have to head out far into the ocean in order to find big game fish.


Big game fishing tournaments in Hawaii are unique because they can take place in such calm, ideal conditions. It allows anglers to focus on the hunt in conditions that don't tax them.



A Unique Fishing Find: The Phantom of the Opah

What is an Opah? You may not have heard of this fish, even by its others names such as moonfish and sunfish. It's an unbelievable looking fish, often just about as tall as it is long. It's not very wide, though – it's compressed almost like a disc.


A Bright, Weird Oddity

Opah in Hawaii look exotic and usually sport very bright colors. One thing that makes Opah stand out from other fish is that it's one of a very short list of regionally endothermic fish. This means that it has some ability to regulate its own temperature. Its heart can warm its blood, which goes to the gills and warms the veins there. It also has layers of fat to insulate the heart, which makes it easier for the warm heart to heat blood as it travels through. This doesn't exactly make the Opah warm-blooded like mammals and birds, but it makes them different from other cold-blooded fish that have no ability to control their temperature internally.


For such a strange-looking, disc-like fish, you might not expect it to swim very fast. Yet Opah do seem able to get to fairly high speeds. They may not be acrobatic like longer fish are, but they can be pretty strong.



Hawaii State Record

Our own Captain holds the Hawaii state record for Opah caught on rod and reel when he brought in a beautiful 135pound’er. It was bright red, with yellow speckling – the fish looks unreal. In fact, that day he wasn't targeting the Opah, but he was excited when he brought it in. He'd admired the fish since childhood and had wanted to catch one since first arriving in Hawaii. Even though he had to contend with a hungry shark, the captain was able to haul the state record holder in.

Opah has become a very popular dish here in Hawaii. It's regularly sold in fish markets, and restaurants here have created a number of fantastic dishes involving the fish. Opah is a unique and tasty catch. Opah in Hawaii can be hard to find, but once you do, they make for a catch unlike any other.


Blue Marlin Fishing Hawaii Near Grow Big

The blue marlin is one of the most coveted fishing pursuits in the world. What's the premier destination for blue marlin? Kona, of course – where the Blue marlin weighing more than 1,000 pounds have been recorded than anywhere else. Our boat, even holds the 50-lb record for a 1,166 pounds blue marlin. Some commercially caught blue marlin near Hawaii have exceeded 2,000 pounds.


Blue Marlin Behaviour

Pacific blue marlin females can live around 30 years, while males can live around 25 years. Almost all heavier blue marlins are female, while there's evidence the males make up very few of the blue marlin that weigh more than 300 pounds.

The spear on a blue marlin's nose isn't just for show. Blue marlins are fast predators and swim quickly through schools of fish. Those hit by its spear are often stunned, allowing the marlin to circle back and eat these fish.

They typically remain near the surface where the temperature is higher. This is better suited for the blue marlin's big body. They'll dive in order to hunt, often for squid and other creatures that rarely make it toward the surface. Blue marlins are happy to eat tuna and mackerel, but their diet isn't limited to fish. Blue marlin typically counts sharks as their only predators. Great whites and mako sharks will often seize upon a blue marlin from the deep.


The Joy of a Blue Marlin Catch

You can always keep your blue marlin and eat it or make a trophy of it. Also note that blue marlin catching and release is gaining in popularity, in part to keep the numbers of the beautiful fish up (blue marlins are classified as threatened). You still get the challenge and adventure of landing a gigantic blue marlin, and you get to release your foe to make more blue marlins you and your children can come back to battle another day.

The joy of deep sea fishing in Hawaii for blue marlin is that it’s such a challenge for anyone, no matter how experienced you are. You're never guaranteed of landing them, and you have to use all your expertise to do so. Nonetheless, they're good for those who are learning, too, and an experienced crew behind you always gives you a good shot.



There's More than Fish on a Hawaii Deep Sea Fishing Adventure

Going deep sea fishing is about what you catch, absolutely. Yet it's about more than that. You can see a lot of other wildlife when deep sea fishing in Hawaii. There are regular sightings of whales and other amazing sea life. The fish are plentiful, and there are a few extra things we'll see along the way. These are additional animals that we don't catch, but can certainly see in our journeys.


Humpback Whales are phenomenal animals. These are an endangered species that count Hawaii as one of only a handful of winter breeding areas in the world. This means their recovering numbers are plentiful in the winter here. They can live for 50 years and can grow up to 52 ft. long. They'll come near boats, but they keep enough distance to be safe for both us and them.

Dolphins are plentiful in a variety of species: rough-toothed, spinner, bottlenose, pilot whales, spotted, and even striped dolphins can be seen. They're often very social, and you can see them jump out of the water in groups called schools. We're careful about avoiding dolphins when fishing, but we love being able to appreciate their beauty and playfulness when we happen across them.


Orcas, or killer whales, are rarer but occasionally they can be spied in our adventures. There are even false killer whales that look similar, but have some tell-tale difference. We'll point them out if we see one!


Sea Turtles are also protected fiercely, as their numbers are recovering. Hawaii makes up one of the main nesting areas in the world for Green sea turtles. They're more graceful than you might imagine. Many are over a meter long.


There are many seals and other whales we might also come across. A thin stretch of ocean that surrounds the Hawaiian Islands is the only habitat in the world for Hawaiian monk seals.


Whatever we come across, we can help you find it and teach you and your family about it. The ocean has many awesome sights, some we can fish, and others like those listed here that we can appreciate with our eyes and cameras and memories along the way. There's no shortage of amazing sea life off the coast of Hawaii.



Night Fishing in Hawaii Off the Coast

Night fishing in Hawaii: there's nothing like it. The open ocean can be an awesome inspiring place, particularly at night. The ocean feels both dangerous and serene at night, inky black yet quiet and peaceful. That is, until you hook a tuna or swordfish and start battling a creature you can barely see.

Broadbill swordfish are especially good catches at night. They're as big as marlin and they're elusive during the day. Night swordfish fishing in Hawaii is usually best in the late spring and early summer.

Tracking at night is different – the clues you pay attention to change. Depending on what we're aiming to catch, we might bring additional supplies as well.

Some people go deep sea night fishing in Hawaii for the unique atmosphere night fishing lends. It feels like civilization disappears out there. It's just you and the ocean. There's something primal about it.

Others enjoy the serenity of it. The open ocean's often calm at night. There's a stillness that encourages the stresses of the day to melt away.

Still more like scaring themselves by it, and feeling the rush of being on the open ocean at night. (If this is your style, we might recommend a repeat viewing of “Jaws” before you come.)

Whatever you're looking for, deep sea night fishing in Hawaii has a way of giving it to you. You'll find that atmosphere, or calm, or thrill depending on what you're looking for. The open ocean lets you fill a lot of the blanks yourself. It's like a canvass and night fishing gives you a way to find an element of yourself you don't always give room to in your daily life. Give it a try. We're happy to take you out and show you the ropes, whatever it is you're looking for.



Kona Fishing in Hawaii Testimonials

Thanks for the wonderful fishing trip with you and scotty. It was a very memorable trip. The spearfish is delicious. If you need me to post a review anywhere for you please let me know. Curtis Wright


Captain, I just wanted to thank you again for the amazing experience and a successful deep-sea fishing trip catching a fish of a lifetime. I had a fantastic time. I can post it on Facebook with a plug for your fishing charter. Katie Sallee


Hello, we are back in Quebec after a long flight! But we were still so excited after the Marlin that it went fast! Thanks again for the nice fishing! Nicholas Cliche


My husband was still shaky Saturday am. but he would keep getting a little better Sunday and he so wanted to fish with you. Fishing was all he wanted to do on this trip.

That is why we waited till afternoon to reassess because if there was any chance to go we so wanted to.

You have been so kind and generous throughout the planning. You are generous to just charge the 100$ cancelation fee.

I am in a field where your livelihood depends on people, keeping their appt. so only such a bad illness would make me not keep a commitment.

We just are very grateful for all you have done. Believe me, I will tell my travel agent how nice you have been. She books lots to Hawaii.

I also have a fishing friend who is thinking of coming in the fall and I will tell him.

No need to reply. I just wanted to let you know your kindness would not go unrewarded and this is the first time I have had access to WIFI. JM


The captain will make sure you are well taken care of and will do his utmost to give you a perfect fishing in Hawaii adventure! 

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