Telemark Skiing: Your Next Top Winter Skiing Area-Hardangervidda National Park 

Follow the Norwegian mountain code-and stay safe on your Telemark skiing trip:

  1. Plan your trip and inform others about the route you have selected. 
  2. Adapt the planned routes according to ability and conditions.
  3. Pay attention to the weather and the avalanche warnings
  4. Be prepared for bad weather and frost, even on short trips.
  5. Bring the necessary equipment so you can help yourself and others.
  6. Choose safe routes. Recognize avalanche terrain and unsafe ice.
  7. Use a map and a compass. Always know where you are
  8. Don’t be ashamed to turn around 
  9. Save your energy and seek shelter if necessary.

Telemark Skiing Mountain Lodges - Kilometer Distances 

Marvellous Telemark Skiing  on Hardangervidda 

In the following please find snapshots from
Ann, Ebbe, Elin, Frederik, John Eivind, Randi and Knut Olav's best trips, with marvellous skiing on Hardangervidda.

We are very fond of this kind of active holidays, giving us the best of mountain nature and lots of fresh air and exercise.

The best way of being in close contact with the mountains and the fantastic nature.

We want as many as possible to know about it.

Please look at the pictures from our tours in the following...

The pictures should speak for themselves...

  • Outside the skiing track in very nice weather.
  • Starting out from Fagerheim.
  • Happy Hour in the sun at Fagerheim.
  • Oppigard
  • Close to the fireplace
  • Randi in the skiing track

Fagerheim Telemark Skiing Mountain Lodge

We had some very good meals and nice resting hours at "Fagerheim Fjellstugu" and we warmly recommend it to others....but be prepaired for high prices during Easter days!

Winter and summer seasons:  march - april and june - september...

Mail address:

Hardangervidda Villmarksaktiviteter
Fagerheim Fjellstugu
Postboks 61
N-3581 Geilo

Fagerheim was built in 1936 and during world-war II the germans used Fagerheim as base and camp for prisoners and soldiers with the task to keep the mountain road to Bergen open during winter time.

Some new buildings was constructed.

Today there are approx. 55 beds and you can sleep well in one of the old style rooms.

Because the electricity is operated by a diesel-generator, the nights are without electric light and you have to visit the toilet with pocket torch, or candle-light.

Under normal conditions you can drive directly to Fagerheim - and the parking area is huge and ready for your car.

That's one of the reasons Fagerheim is the perfect starting place on (y)our winter park skiing trips to Hardangervidda National Park...

Telemark Skiing Pictures

Krekkja Telemark Skiing Mountain Lodge

Krekkja is owned by DNT Oslo og Omegn, was 125 years in 2004 and there are 85 beds.
The seasons are:
15. march to 18. may and 1. july to 15. september.
The hosts are:
Elin Wiborg and Kjell Slåtten, 3576 Hol.
How to get there:
Train, or car to Haugastøl, follow the marked 12 km route to Krekkja.
Car to Fagerheim and 4 km route to Krekkja.
You can also be picked up at Haugastøl, after appoinment with the hosts at Krekkja.

Resting time

One of our grouse friends

One of our dog friends

On one of the mountain tops

On this time of the year it can be hot in the sun

The best is a nice rest

The doorstep at Tuva

Tuva Telemark Skiing Mountain Lodge

Tuva had 100 years jubilee in 2015! (1915 - 2015)
12. march to 25. april and 25. june 12. september.
Hosts: Aileen and Peter, Skurdalen, 3580 Geilo.
Tuva is famous for their cake-making "vaffler" and the good kitchen.
The lodge is around 8 km from Ustaoset, (train station) and is a good starting point for your winter park skiing trip.
20 beds and room for 20 persons.

Rest at Hein

Hein Telemark Skiing Mountain Lodge

15. march to 25. april and 1. july to 15. september.
Bjørg Hjalland and Knut Harald Brekke, 3632 Uvdal.
There are routes to Hein from Tuva, Fagerheim and Rauhelleren.
Normally we use to eat lunch at Hein, but last year we arrived late from Rauhelleren, did eat dinner and stayed for the night.
Good food and nice rooms. We highly recommend it.

10 Dogs

A marvellous evening at Rauhelleren

Rauhelleren Telemark Skiing Mountain Lodge

There are beautiful views from the building and we allways love to arrive at Rauhelleren.
After 27 km skiing you are a bit tired and normally we get a nap after arrival.
You get marvellous meals and we highly recommend the place.
Hans Olav Lægreid and Mona Helle, 5783 Eidfjord.
12. march to 18. april and 1. july to 12. september.
Beds. 58
There are some very interesting projects with wind and solar energy going on at Rauhelleren and DNT is planning to get an environment certification for the place.

Rauhelleren South

Stigstuv ahead

Stigstuv Telemark Skiing Mountain Lodge

The first time we stayed overnight we arrived after a very hard tour with wet snow and hard front wind, so we felt lucky when we came indoor.
We slept in the living room because many guests had searched shelter!
The food was excellent!
Hosts: Ingebjørg and Fritjof Myklatun, 5783 Eidfjord.
Seasons: At Easter and 1. july to 20. august.

Dyranut ahead

Dyranut Telemark Skiing Mountain Lodge

Dyranut Telemark Skiing and Turist Lodge

It is the lodge on top of the road over Hardangervidda (approx. 1250 meters).
We decided to stay in this lodge to test the area and the skiing tracks.
Host: Leif Olav Litlatun, 5784 Øvre Eidfjord.
There are marked routes to Stigstuv, Rauhelleren, to Bjoreidalen, Sandhaug, to Kjeldebu, Krekkja, and Finse.
The lodge is under modernizing, but most of the guest rooms are still with ovens. You have to be prepaired to fire up the oven early in the morning. Good food and nice people. We enjoyed our stay there and it was a very good starting-point for day trips along the different routes.
The kite-skiers are obviously fond of the area, because we met a lot of them around Dyranut for many days.

The doorstep at Dyranut Turist Lodge

The host and his crew

Dinner at Dyranut Turist Lodge

The beautiful Foxy

A good teabreak

Kite-skiers enjoying the snow

Skiers from Rauhelleren and Dyranut meeting at Stigstuv

Teabreak before Kjeldebu

A cup of coffe at Krekkja...

A good meal at Halne...

The Famous Grouse, mountainbird

The home trip on deck of Crown of Scandinavia in very nice weather

Hardangervidda Telemark Skiing National Park

The Hardangervidda National Park is from 1981 and Norway's greatest. The 3422 square kilometres are of international importance. With the addition of Saupsjøen-Hardangerjøkulen and Møsvatn-Austfjell national parks the total area is: 4267 square kilometres.
The beautiful area has fantastic nature, wild reindeers, moose, wolverine, fox, hare, stoat, (ermine) marmot, (mountain mouse) and lots of smaller animals and birds: Imperial eagle, grouse, snowy owl, loom, many types of water birds and ducks.....

Routing system:
DNT-routes on Hardangervidda are around 1500 kilometres with lots of ski-ing tracks marked with twigs for safe ski-ing between the mountain lodges. There are around 40 mountain lodges with different standard and prices.
Take care and use the norwegian mountain rules...

Nine Good Rules For Telemark Skiing

  1. Do not set out unless you are in good shape
  2. Leave a message saying where you are going
  3. Respect the weather and the forecast
  4. Be equipped for bad weather and cold, even on short trips. Always take a rucksack and equipment required for a mountain trip
  5. Listen to the voice of experience
  6. Use a map and compass
  7. Do not go out alone
  8. Turn back in time. There is no shame in turning back
  9. Save your energy and dig a snow shelter if necessary

During winter time the weather conditions can change very rapidly, so you have to be prepared with extra equipment and warm clothes...

Examples of bivouac building:

Fjell og Vidde FEB-07, M. Kolbjørnsrud, C. Helgeland

Help the arctic fox back
in the mountains

Hardangervidda Telemark Skiing Marked Routes

Hallingdalsløypa Sør: Ustaoset-Hakkesetstølen-Fagerhøy-Haglebu-Tempelseter-Norefjellstua og alle løypene til Høgevarde


Gaustablikk-Tuddal Høyfjellshotell


Finse-Krækkja-Haugastøl og Klemsburunden


Finse-Kjeldebu-Krossdalen/Maurset, Dyranut-Kjeldebu og Krækkja-Kjeldebu


Krækkja-Bjoreidalen og Krækkja-Tuva-Ustaoset




Bjoreidalen-Stigstuv-Rauhelleren-Sandhaug, Hein-Åan (merket til skoggrensa i Seterdalen), Kalhovd-Mårbu-Lågaros, Krækkja-Fagerheim-Hein, Våkavadet-Bjoreidalen-Sandhaug-Lågaros-Mårbu, Tuva-Hein-Rauhelleren-Solheimstulen-Mårbu og Rauhelleren-Mårbu


Fagerheim-Stigstuv og Halne-Stigstuv-Sandhaug


Wunder Map With Weather Forecast

Find the Hardangervidda Map

Follow our normal route from: Ustaoset – Tuva – Heinseter – Rauhelleren – Stigstuv – Dyranut – Fagerheim – Haugastøl – Ustaoset

Daily distances between: 20 and 27 kilometers.
Total for the trip: 120 - 125 km.

Recommended litterature about Hardangervidda National Park...
"Hardangervidda" by Jens Justesen

How To Get Telemark Skiing on Hardangervidda

By plane to Oslo, or Bergen airport.

From Oslo, or Bergen you take the train to Haugastøl, or Ustaoset.
You can also drive directly to Fagerheim, or Dyranut...They have good car parking areas.

Telemark Skiing Tour Planning

The Norwegian Mountain Touring Association (DNT)
DNT Oslo og Omegn

Please find nice tour proposals for skilled skiers with years experience in the following:
Planned 8 days skiing trips to Hardangervidda:
Departure: normally, three week-ends in march -
(- -03- -, - -03- - and - -03- -)
Sunday:Train Oslo S, kl. 10,37 to Ustaoset.
To Tuva 8 km.
Monday: To Krekkja, 20 km.
Tuesday: To Heinseter, 16 km.
Wednesday: To Rauhelleren, 13 km.
Thursday: Skiing around Rauhelleren.
Friday: To Mårbu, 20 km.
Saturday: To Kalhovd, 20 km.
Sunday: To Steinsbøle, 17 km. Extra bus kl. 14,15 to Mæl, and from Mæl to Oslo kl. 18,30.

Tour proposals for skiers with some experience:
6 days tour:
Departure: normally, two week-ends in march, april.
(- -03- -, - -04- -)
Train from Oslo S, kl. 10,33 to Haugastøl.

4 days tour (training)
Departure: normally, two week-ends in march.
(- -03- - and - -03- -)
Train from Oslo S, kl. 08,11 to Ustaoset.

Contact Us For Advice About Your Telemark Skiing...

  • Tour planning and booking

  • Guided tours

  • Buying of skiing equipment

  • Renting of skiing equipment

  • Your pictures/skiing story (form below)

Telemark skiing rental?

Ski Rental
-Haugastöl Turist Senter:
Geilo Ski Shop

The Modern Mountain Rules

Telemark Skiing: Under ekstreme forhold er det én ting som duger-ull

Denne erkjennelsen har vi fra noen av de råeste nordmennene som har levd

Vær beredt til vinter turen- kjøp ditt ulltøy hos:

Devold Merino Wool, Thermo Cool

Send din mail-for topp tilbud:

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God tur til fjells – planlegg turen med ull innerst...

Værvarsel for Hardangervidda: Yr Forecast for Hardangervidda

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