Ecommerce Ideas: Explaining Where to Start and the Final Actions

Ecommerce Ideas-How to Get into Action!

Ecommerce Ideas

In the following I have listed the most important step-by-step, self-responsibility system for highly self-motivated persons.

Here is what I learned:
It was very important for me to understand what I, and only I, had to provide for myself in my ecommerce ideas development!
I realized the burning desire to improve the quality of my life and fulfill my dreams.

I had to go on against my goals - do the right things – recognize the learning curve just like any business - accepting that my new venture on the Internet was different. The knowledge of helping others was not strange to me, but I had to accept and commit to help others with e-commerce ideas to get success.

To build my business on trust, honesty, and sincerity was a must for me - and in the past I have got many confirming statements about this issue - from successful people on the Net.

From early experience in my life, I knew I had to be a highly self-motivated person - this was my way of determining my future – and I believed it.

I am 100% sold on this myself and committed to building my business - I can’t wait to tell others about it – and I sincerely hope that anybody thinking about ecommerce ideas - will get the needed help from my products and services.

A - Getting Started

The importance of understanding what you and only You must provide for yourself!
  1. Enthusiasm
  2. Belief
  3. Desire
  4. Persistence
  5. Consistency
  6. Willingness to learn
  7. Commitment
  8. Integrity
  9. Motivated

B - Communication

  1. Be a Good Listener.
  2. Learn the most important two words to say when you are aiming to get on common ground with your prospects.
  3. How to begin a conversation using the F.O.R.M. method. (B3)

C - Understanding Your Prospect

  1. Types of E-commerce Ideas Prospects
  2. Experience Rating System
  3. Characteristics and Motives
  4. Be aware of your prospects traits

D - The Art of Prospecting

  1. Prospecting is just like fishing.
  2. Make sure your clients want to be involved with you, not just the ecommerce ideas, product, or service you are marketing.

E - Leadership

  1. What is Leadership?
  2. Broad Leadership Tasks.
  3. Leadership Attributes.
  4. Managers versus Leaders.
  5. Concepts.
  6. Lessons.

A - Getting Started With Ecommerce Ideas

Before you embark on the step-by-step system, let's understand what you must provide for yourself when marketing your ecommerce ideas.

A1 - Enthusiasm
I Am Sold Myself. You will never show or have believable enthusiasm unless you are personally sold on whatever you are doing -100%.

A2 - Belief
No one is ready for something until he or she believes they can acquire it. The state of mind must be belief. Open-mindedness is essential for a belief. Belief is your conviction. Belief is a transfer of your feelings on faith.

A3 - Desire
You must have a burning desire, a desire to improve the quality of your life, and a desire to get from Point A (where you currently are) to Point B (where you want to be in your life).

A4 - Persistence
You must realize that persistence will overcome resistance. Never - never - never give up. Quitting guarantees failure.

A5 - Consistency
Do the right things over and over on a daily basis.

A6 - Willingness to Learn
Regardless of your background, recognize that your new venture on the Internet is different. There is a learning curve just like in any business.

A7 - Commitment
You must have a willingness and ability to follow through on a decision long after the excitement and emotion of the moment have passed. You must be committed to building a business that provides your desired success. Moreover, you must commit to help others.

A8 - Integrity
Your business will not be successful if it is not built on trust, honesty, and sincerity. Do the right things and be the right person.

A9 - Motivated
Self-responsibility will be the absolute key to your success. You will have to be a highly self-motivated person. Your experience will be awesome when you realize that you determine your future.

B - Communication

B 1 - Be a Good Listener

To be able to sell your excellent ecommerce ideas you have to be a good listener!
  1. Your Body Language conveys your level of interest.

  2. Take notes to show you value what is being shared.

  3. Ask questions that probe for better understanding.

  4. Never interrupt.

  5. Express your interest with acknowledging phrases and nods.

  6. Restate what your prospect has said to show you are listening.

  7. Follow the direction of the conversation without quick detours.
  8. Show respect and interest no matter what.

B 2 - Learn the most important two words

Two words to say when you are aiming to get on common ground with your prospects, customers, and sales force about your e-commerce ideas -
"Me Too!"

B 3 - How to begin a conversation with a stranger

Profile them as a prospect using the F.O.R.M. method.
  1. From -
    Where are you from, John?

  2. Occupation -
    What type of work are you involved in?

  3. Recreation -
    What do like to do when you are not working?

  4. Motivation -
    What is really important to you at this stage in your life?

C - Understanding Your Prospect

C 1 - Types of Prospects.

Three types of "Apples"

  1. Red Apples
    are ripe and see the value of your Ecommerce Ideas.

  2. Green Apples
    need a little more information to choose the best ecommerce ideas option.

  3. Rotten Apples
    are negative, close-minded, and will never see it (so focus on red apples, get the green apples enough information to make an e-commerce ideas decision, and don't think twice about the rotten ones).

C 2 - Experience Rating System

Rate your prospects with this 10 point business experience system to determine the most effective approach for sharing your Ecommerce Ideas:
  1. A person who moves from job to job.

  2. A person who works at an entry level position with a company.

  3. A person who assists a company manager.

  4. A person who is in a middle management position.

  5. A person who is in an upper management position.

  6. A person who shapes the direction their company is moving.

  7. A salesperson with ecommerce ideas who has an established client base and wants more.

  8. An experienced salesperson with management experience.

  9. A self employed business owner with many good ecommerce ideas.

  10. A seasoned Networker with ecommerce ideas and integrity.

C 3 - Characteristics and Motives

Four Major Personality Characteristics:
  1. Red
    aggressive, driven, success oriented

  2. Blue
    social, fun loving, people person

  3. Yellow
    cause oriented, socially conscientious, team-player

  4. Green
    analytical, fact-oriented, realist

C 4 - Be Aware of Your Prospect's Traits.

Be aware of your prospects traits to help them find how you can bring value to their lives.

Generally There Are Three Motivation Types:
  1. Motivated by others

  2. Self-Motivated

  3. Motivator

D - The Art of Prospecting

  1. Prospecting is just like fishing

  2. Cast a line to friends and relatives

  3. Move on to acquaintances

  4. Tap business contacts with ecommerce ideas

  5. If you are a client, talk to your salespeople

  6. Prospect through other businesses

  7. Ride the wave of technical advancement

  8. Prospect your customer list

  9. Read the newspapers

  10. Know service and support people

  11. Practice the three-foot-rule: Talk to everyone within three feet of you about your ecommerce ideas.

  12. When you prospect, make sure your clients want to be involved with you, not just the awesome Ecommerce Ideas and products that you sell.

  13. Remember that the relationship part of the sell is as much or more a part of the process than anything else.

  14. You are the agent for the Ecommerce ideas. Your personal integrity is important to the history of the company and the quality of the products.

  15. You speak for the Ecommerce Ideas and you are their representative.

E - Leadership

  1. What is leadership?

  2. Leadership - is a process and a property.

  3. The process of leadership is the use of non-coercive influence to direct and coordinate the activities of the members of an organized group toward the accomplishment of group goals.

  4. As a property, leadership is a set of qualities or characteristics attributed to those perceived to successfully employ such characteristics.

  5. Implications - leadership is ascribed to an individual by a group - leaders have power, and anyone can demonstrate leadership regardless of position.

E 2 - Broad Leadership Tasks

  1. Inspire a shared vision about ecommerce ideas

  2. Foster collaboration and ownership and recognize individual and team contributions.

  3. Exercises power effectively and enable others to act.

  4. Set the right context for the ecommerce ideas in the organization.

E 3 - Leadership Attributes

  • Group performance is influenced by leader's behavior.

  • Leader behaviours are determined by their attributes - characteristics, knowledge, and skills (i.e., Qualities) interacting with the leader's perception of group attributes, task at hand, and context.

Attributes of a Leader

  1. Accountable---Networker
  2. Achievement-oriented---Optimistic
  3. Adaptable---Organizer
  4. Assertive---Persistent
  5. Coach---Personal Integrity
  6. Confident---Planner
  7. Conflict manager---Problem solver
  8. Courageous---Reliable
  9. Decision maker---Respect
  10. Delegator---Risk-taker
  11. Dependable---Sensitivity
  12. Emotionally balanced---Stress manager
  13. Energetic---Team-builder
  14. Enthusiastic---Time manager
  15. Ethical---Visionary
  16. Good communication---Appropriate use of leadership styles
  17. Information gatherer---Committed to the common good
  18. Information manager---Ideological beliefs appropriate to group
  19. Initiating---Intelligent with practical judgment
  20. Insightful---Willing to accept responsibility
  21. Motivator

E 4 - Managers versus Leaders

  1. The Manager administers;---The Leader innovates.

  2. The Manager is a copy;---The Leader is an original.

  3. The Manager maintains;---The Leader develops Ecommerce Ideas.

  4. The Manger focuses on systems and structure;---The leader focuses on people.

  5. The Manager relies on control;---The Leader inspires trust.

  6. The Manger has a short-range view;---The Leader has a long-range perspective.

  7. The Manager asks how and when;---The Leader asks what and why.

  8. The Manager has his eye on the bottom line;---The Leader has his eye on the horizon.

  9. The Manager imitates;---The Leader originates ecommerce ideas.

  10. The Manager accepts the status quo;---The Leader challenges the status quo.

  11. The Manager is a classic good soldier;---The Leader is his or her own person.

  12. The Manager does things right;---The Leader does the right thing.

E 5 - Concepts

  1. We are all Leaders

  2. A Leader builds bridges and follow up on ecommerce ideas

  3. A leader is someone you choose to follow to a place you wouldn't go by yourself.

  4. The characteristics of a Leader never change.

E 6 - Lessons

  1. Focus the majority of your efforts on the future.

  2. Understand the nature of fundamental change.

  3. Appreciate complex systems and how they work.

  4. Examine your leadership style to see how it affects Ecommerce Ideas and productivity.

  5. Create shared vision of ecommerce ideas to build bridges to the future.

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