Viking Longship Odins Raven in "Vesterled"

Viking Longship Towards Shetland

Viking Longship where to stay?

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A weapon test of swords and shields

The Viking ship at North Sea

The crew sighting a submarine

Article in Roskilde Tidende about the voyage

The Vikings meeting sailors in Trondheim Fjord

The Vikings sailing in one of the Norwegian fjords

The Vikings on a "stunt trip" in Oslo fjord

Building of the Viking ship by Roed Boatbilders

Odins Ravn to Trondheim on deck of "Slutter"

"Ae hadd itj torsa"

Dramatic happenings

The Viking ship crew ready to land in Kirkwall

Some of the crew together with very friendly Islanders

Shane, Odd, Knut og Arne paa stentaarnet Dun Carloway

To sovende under ekstravagante forhold

“We simply snatched ten minutes every ten”

mens andre sov paa sin plass, uten hengeköye...

The Viking longship out of Portree

Ovenfor bilde av skipet sekunder för kullseilingen

       Kullseiling av "Viking longship" 

  • Fjern all ballast fra skipet
  • Bemann skipet med de minst sjövante og med lite kjennskap til raaseil.
  • Sörg for at det ikke er mere enn 5 mann ombord slik at skipet flyter lett paa vannet.
  • Der maa absolutt ikke vaere nordmenn ombord
  • Seiladsen bör skje i et omraade med ofte skiftende vaerforhold og kastevinder.
  • En ekstra fordel er hvis resten av mannskapets eiendeler synker til bunns til irritasjon for eierne.
  • Det er ogsaa en fordel aa overlate arbeidet med aa bringe skipet paa rett kjöl-tömme-og rense det til de av mannskapet som ikke var invitert til BBC filmingen og dermed kullselingen.

Predictions From the Viking Longship Builder Magnar Hansen

Vi maa gi Magnar Hansen helt rett i sin erklaering om expedisjonen för starten:

Predictions from the builder of Odin’s Raven-Viking Longship builder Magnar Hansen:

“I am confident of the Odin’s Raven expedition-as long as the crew doesn’t drink too much and shows respect for the sea.”

Cardinal rules for navigators ever since the world was flat...

Rednings-flaaten (fra Lövold Bodö) ble brukt av de uheldige 

Duty done and we gazed towards Crete...

Viking Longship poem:

We watched o’er the sea-steed

While o’er the stout gun-whale

The billow breaks wildly.

Thus duty is done,

While the lazy land-lubber

Sleeps by some maiden

Soft-skinned and kind,

Over my shoulder

I gaze towards Crete.

 Vikings Meeting Crete: Richard-Arne-Knut Olav

Gifts from voyage friends

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Hva Andre Deltakere har Skrevet

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IOM Gathering 2019 
Hi Knut Thanks for your email. I am in contact with the Manx lads and now have a lot of information thanks to you. I will be in contact in a few weeks …

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House of Manannan Viking longship museum-Odins Ravns hederlige hvilested

Her er flere  bilder fra "Viking longship" vesterleds-ferden

More about the voyage on:

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