Hardangervidda or Rondane?

by Joel
(Boston, USA)


Thank you for all the great information on your site. It is a treasure.

We are two American friends planning a week long self-guided hut-hut ski for our 50th birthdays next March.

My wife's family is from Norway and we have visited before for summer hut-hut tours.

We are both in good shape and fairly experienced skiiers though our telemarking on difficult slopes is novice.

We had been focused on Rondane for the trip but am now thinking of Hardangervidda as a different alternative.

Do you have any thoughts you could share as to advantages and preferences? My sense is that we will have more staffed huts in Hardangervidda but that the weather might be more challenging?

If we were to do Hardangervidda, I suspect you would recommend the Ustaoset loop on the page which looks great and seems about the right level of distance for us. Is there a ski rental place in Ustaoset or nearby?

Thank you for any guidance and advice!


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Apr 24, 2018
by: Knut Olav

Hello Joel
May your planning for a trip to Hardangervidda be good!
Looking forward to receive details- and may the the sun shine upon you also...

All the best,

Knut Olav

Apr 24, 2018
Thank you Knut!
by: Joel


Thank you so much for your informative and detailed post! This is terrific information. I will be back to you and let you know our trip details and highlights!

All the best for a warm and sunny summer outdoors.


Apr 20, 2018
by: Knut Olav

Hallo again
You will love Hardangervidda.
The staffed huts on Hardangervidda are OK and the loypes prepared by skilled persons.

You have the right idea for a very good experience and I wish you the best of luck…

What we have done:
We have started from Ustaoset and followed the loype (close to the train station) to Tuva, a day´s easy skiing distance. From Tuva to Heinseter and Rauhellern.

The start from Fagerheim (close to the main road) is also OK, with a short distance to Krekkja (over ised waters) to test your skiing form.

There is a marked loype from Fagerheim to Tuva- and Heinseter also.

Talk to the locals, check weather forecast and always follow the marked loypes to be safe.

Ski rental place(s):
Haugastöl Turist Senter:

Geilo Ski Shop:

Please send some info about your planning and tour- perhaps some pictures?

All the best,
Knut Olav

Apr 17, 2018

by: Knut Olav

Hallo Joel
Thank you for contacting- and nice words about our site...
Will come back to you soon with advice.

All the best,
Knut Olav

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