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Building and Create Webpage for the Web's Product Demand and Solutions

The only way to discover the limits of the impossible is to go beyond them into the impossible.
The successful producer of a product sells it for more than it costs him to make, and that's his profit.
But the customer buys it only because it is worth more to him than he pays for it, and that's his profit.
No one can long make a profit producing anything unless the customer makes a profit using it.

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Amazing Marketing Articles From Internet Masters
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Create Webpage Products That SELL

The best products for building ecommerce Website solutions are ones that people want. Why do you think some sites are thriving? Because those companies are selling what people want. Develop what people want- and your building ecommerce website and effort will become easy. The writing of a great site will be a snap and even easier to attract targeted people to your site.

Of products for ecommerce Web site solutions that people want, the best are Web-products that can be shipped via the Net...

There is almost no limit to these ideal-for-Web-products
  • Software and Video games

  • Direct-to-Consumer Web Services

  • Consulting Services

  • Banner Ads

  • Info-Products

If you want to sell anything on the Web, you will get the best help to succeed in your building ecommerce website and "Net marketing"- with deeply tested strategies.

Hard Goods - Only These Kinds

You are best off with high-end hard goods, with high cost and low shipping ratios.

The product has to be great, because you have to offer a no-questions, money-back guarantee! And you have to honour it totally.

Online Spending

Online spending reached 95.7 billion dollars in 2003 and it is projected to grow to $229 billion in 2008!
By 2008, online retail sales will account for 10 % of the total US retail sales!
58 million households are already regularly shopping online.

One in five Internet users, made a purchase online.
"The Internet has become an integrated part of shopping - online shopping started strong and ended stronger."

The Worldwide E-commerce Market is Continuing its Growth

Stock checking, order tracking, information by e-mail, more flexible delivery times and new delivery methods are encouraging customers to buy online.

People Working Full-time From Home

A shift in thinking has resulted in over 15 million US people working from home full-time - another 14 million part-time. This number is increasing by almost 700,000 per year!
The average work-from-home income is US$52000.
Both the number of people working from home full-time and the average work-from-home income will be increasing fast in the future.

16 Points of Great Importance

  1. Product Quality: Everything becomes easier if you are selling a great product

  2. Competition: Do a net-based competitor analysis to avoid crowded fields

  3. Market Size: The Internet is ideal for niche products - specialty items - Make sure the target market for your product exists on Web

  4. Promotability: Can your product be promoted at low-cost and can you reach your customer

  5. Profit Margin/Pricing: There's nothing like a product that you can sell high - but costs little to make

  6. Supply and Exclusivity: If you developed your own product - you are the supplier

  7. Advantage for You to Sell and find ecommerce Web site solutions via the Web? With an info-rich product, you can develop an edge over other sales media

  8. Advantage for Customer to Buy via Web? Availability, price, convenience, or speed of delivery

  9. Sizzle factor: Does the product lend well to some marketing "sizzle"?

  10. Support Required? It's a big plus if customers can use your building ecommerce website solutions and the product immediately

  11. Legals/Regulations: Make sure it's safe and legal in the jurisdiction you send it to

  12. Cost of Transportation: The ecommerce Web site solutions and product must be cheap to ship - the Net is best

  13. Cost of Inventory: It should be cheap to maintain inventory

  14. Potential for Repeat purchase? The product must have potential for repeat business

  15. Community: The product must lend itself to building community

  16. "Fun" for you? Your ecommerce Web site solutions and Web efforts will take your time and if you enjoy it, time and creativity will come easier

Your Ecommerce Create Webpage Beginners Training

Study Info on Known Competitors

Surf their sites for info on Domains - Keywords - Do they follow the good principles of a good site that sell. Is the site usable, easily navigated, customer-oriented etc.

Finding Unknown Competitors

To find unknown competitors you enter keywords for the product into your favourite SE's and you will find them.

For More Create Webpage Info

Dun and Bradstreet and LEXIS-NEXIS

Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals

Develop Your Own Product

The best kind of products to sell on the Web is your own!

You'll find the simplest, fastest, and most risk-free way to develop a product for the web.

  1. Start with what you know- and meet what well-targeted people really need

  2. If you have a candidate for a product, run it through the 16 point checklist - improve the product concept until it scores high for most of the 16 - or kill it!

  3. Decide the best way to use your knowledge - infoproduct - service - or software

  4. Get the technical skills to develop and package your knowledge

  5. Write your product - test with target users - keep improving until getting strong feedback from testers.

  6. Design and building ecommerce website that SELLS!

  7. Attract targeted customers to your site

Bad Products - Why Bother?

Bad products kill repeat business. Great products develop strong repeat business. Repeat business is the key to long-term success.

Setting the Price

A general belief is that the Web can offer cheaper products.
Some considerations to work with- Price- product- site design- benefits- nature- value- Your competitors- what are their prices?

Your target market- what are they willing to pay for your products benefits. How well have you established your credibility?

How and Why to Price High

Every product will hit a level of price resistance. High end- unique products that gives people the tools to succeed, will normally have high prices.

How to and Why to Price Low

A low price (give away option) or free trial download, gives a possible contact and work on prospects position. Take care of the "perceived value" factor: "How good can it be if it's given away?"

How to Test a Product Free

Product testing can be done very easy on the Web---

  • * You write a direct Web site, 3-4 pages to sell the product. It is important to measure peoples interest with name and e-mail address.

  • ** Post your Test Site to the Web. Design a traffic-generating program for SE-listing your pages.

  • *** Send the Site to SE's and try to find the site using keywords. Work on your Site to a top 20 position for important keyword.

  • **** If you can't generate any traffic to your Test Site via the SE's - kill the project.
    NO ONE is looking for what you have to offer. A good Conversion Rate (CR) could be as high as 5-10% and as low as 0,1 % - depending on the project.

  • ***** If a viable CR - you can get GOING!

Make Them an Offer They Can’t Refuse

Combine Product, Price and Bonuses
The well-crafted offer combines product, price and bonuses in such a way that the customer can easily justify the purchase price.

Create Webpage and an Intense Buy Now Urgency
Does your offer combine in such a way that it also creates an intense buy now urgency?

Repeat the Major Points From Previous Pages
Repeat the major points from previous pages. Repeat the highlights to your customer.

5 Pillar Affiliate Program

Recommended affiliate program: Persons wanting to join a company working very hard to help its affiliates succeed- do business with lifetime commissions - getting extensive online information- e-mail helpdesk- and three extremely helpful newsletters, offering excellent advice.

A Site That Attracts Warm, Willing-to-Buy Visitors!

Highly advanced all-in-one system of tools for: Complete newbies, Affiliates, Online storekeepers, Net-auction vendors, Professional selling services, Entrepreneurs and small businesses to create and build a Web site.
This streamlined site-building process of highly automated tools helps you building a professional-looking, "in-demand" Web site that attracts people on the Net who are interested - and want to buy.

"The New Modules Are LIVE"

I am very happy to report:
The new expanded Web site solutions SBI! Basic is launched - and the new modules are LIVE.
This new full Site Build It! - is now accessible to everyone!

Web site solutions SBI!-E-goods is also ready and light-years ahead of what anybody else on the Net is doing.

Do You Need Help With Creating Webpage- or More Traffic to Your Site?

We offer consultant assistance using the best tools on the Net to help building your Web store and getting targeted traffic to your business.

Your Create Webpage Guarantee

Your guarantee must show how risk-free this purchase is.

Create Webpage Solutions With Full Money Back Guarantee!

Creating Webpage Testimonials

Add Brilliant, Convincing Testimonials.

Strong Reasons to Buy From You

Re-establish the strong reasons to buy from you in particular (exclusivity, credibility, etc.)

The Call to Action in Creating Webpages

Ask for the order! Tell her what to do, Exactly
Make the process of responding crystal-clear to your visitor and don’t do anything to make your about-to-buy customer hesitate.

So That’s Why Create Webpage is Important!

The offer and call to action must force your visitor to RESPOND!

Top-quality Info For the Motivated

Most of the info is laid out in a unique simple-to-follow format and anyone can do it ---

Afraid to Create Webpage?

You Want A Website Soon? Let Us Help You With the Secrets Now!

  • You do not have the time to build your own site
  • You like what you do and want to keep doing what you do best
  • Remember our watertight guarantee
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