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Top Ecommerce Website Site-building Process of Automated Tools to Build a Professional- Website That Attracts Interested People on The Net?

Top Ecommerce Website Opportunity

If you do consider to take part in this low risk, high reward opportunity, I can help you all the way with the best advice and tools available for top ecommerce website building.
My first recommendation is, that you learn from the people who are already successful and without spending a fortune to get your needed knowledge.

I was happy to get in contact with my mentor early, before I spent to much time with trial and error, and I advice you to do the same.
If you find other teachers, I will love to hear about it, but I can certainly tell you, that Ken knows very much about the topics he is using a lot of power to teach.

Dr. Ken Evoy is a truly amazing person, who taught medicine, designed toys and games, which earn millions of dollars in royalties.
My knowledge about his program and team is, that they always Over-deliver, because Ken’s main philosophy is to be first class with products and service.
How can this be true? Well, if you are certain about working seriously with people, you have to believe in giving, before taking – and that’s the second lesson for your business!

Ken works tremendously hard to help his affiliates succeed – that’s just like the best leaders in the most successful corporations, using a lot of time educating their employees, because they have realized that the power of their corporations is their employees.
Because of this, top ecommerce website affiliates are a team of loyal and happy people, earning good lifetime commissions, where the customers are theirs for life.

I feel very comfortable with Ken and his program. From his team I get extensive online information, 4 extremely helpful newsletters, and an e-mail helpdesk with excellent advice.

In the following please find my humble recommendation of top ecommerce website solutions.
I use this services and highly recommend the top ecommerce website site-building process of automated tools that helped me build an efficient web-store, completely automated, with cheap startup costs and promotion costs..

The Top Ecommerce Website System - the best tools for:
  • Complete newbies who go from scratch to success
  • People selling their services
  • Consultants – who build traffic for clients
  • Business owners with e-commerce sites
The Top Ecommerce Website System - and tools gave me a masterful way to high quality sites, delivering high-value information to prospective customers.

The MailOut module permits us to collect subscriptions via our site, import lists, build a quality HTML ezine, with automatic text translation, SpamCheck, sophisticated background bounce-management and the entire thing is to keep spammers out. This point is very important for a mail server.

"Store Build It! is LIVE" and Ready for Your Business

I am very happy to report:
"The top ecommerce website Store Build It! for shopping online is launched with it's fully intergrated monetization solution up and running.

including the following set of coordinated, integrated powers:
  • My own credit card merchant account
  • Clear Credit Cards
  • Sophisticated fraud screening
  • Easy way to find my products perfect price
  • Secure digital e-good delivery
  • Fast efficient payment
  • A 2-tier, customisable affiliate program
  • A sleek Mail-out Module
  • An extensive “reporting and managing” back-end tools
I trust that the tools mentioned will give me the following net results:
Multiple streams of income from:
  • Affiliate Programs
  • Internet Consultants Service Selling
  • E-good Small Books
I have plans for the future and plans for service-selling people who thought that "selling on the Net" was beyond their reach.
I will help them start up without thinking of the hard stuff. No need for the knowing of HTML, do ftp, hire designers, or programmers.

Key Point Review

  1. A top ecommerce website store is pointless without traffic. Given a decent Conversion Rate of 2%, it takes a 100 visitors per day to make 2 sales each day (500 visitors to make 10 sales, etc.)
    Obviously, it's not practical to concern yourself with a top ecommerce website store until you have traffic. #1 Merchant Mistake - build store, THEN worry about traffic. Talk about starting from a losing position. And yet... That's exactly what most small biz people do.

  2. Content created in top ecommerce website attracts targeted traffic from the SEs, establishes your credibility, and builds trust with a visitor. The Conversion Rates are much higher than those obtained from Pay-Per-Click advertising or other means of driving traffic to a Web store (because effective PREselling is all about providing valuable, relevant content -- i.e., "editorial"). And the cost to generate visitors is CHEAP.

  3. Content created in top ecommerce website system can be leveraged to generate income from other monetization models. For example, a content page discussing the benefits of "heart health" could... o PREsell an electronic blood pressure monitor that is offered for sale in the SBIer's Store Build It! site o feature Google's AdSense ads o link to related affiliate programs (health, fitness or weight loss e-books, print books, and software, etc., etc.) ... and so on. This eliminates the reliance on any single revenue stream, expands the horizons of your business, offers a greater service to your visitors (by addressing a wider variety of needs), and generates greater revenue for the business. Bottom line on what your contacts need to know with regards to content? By creating content you have the option to diversify your income-earning options by monetizing your traffic through other relevant means -- affiliate programs, Google's AdSense program, finder-referrer fees, and so on. By limiting yourself to a top ecommerce website store alone, you are binding your hands, and reducing the potential for additional income.

  4. Store Build It! is completely integrated into SBI!. Accessible from Site Central's BusinessCenter, every store is intimately tied to its parent SBI! site. This is no "plug and play" solution. Some of the main features... Highlights... o complete retention of SBI! Look & Feel o new e-zine for store customers, totally integrated o store runs on a subdomain of main site, maintaining a consistent brand and building upon the SBI!-built trust o submission of home page to major SEs (scheduled for resubmission on a monthly basis, if required). o easy pop-up of more content, descriptions and thumbnails from SBI!, as well as several other seamless fits. Click on the text link "for larger picture and more information" of the pewter keychain...

    Each of these pages can build targeted traffic... a back door into your top ecommerce website store, for each and every product!

  5. Store Build It!'s accompanying guides enable even the complete novice to build a fully functional, vibrant, and profitable Web site. I touched upon this briefly earlier, but to reiterate... i) The 1-2-3 Action Guide: provides a step-by-step, hands-on, walk-through of the store-building process. It is intuitive and simple, with plenty of screenshots to ensure anyone can successfully have their own top ecommerce Web site up and running in no time! We consulted with top store professionals and ran our own extensive testing to determine the best and most logical process for store-building. ii) Make Your Store Sell!: the conceptual brother to the "nuts and bolts" Action Guide, Make Your Store Sell! shows you how to assemble and source a unique product line, how to write product descriptions that sell, how to best display your products for maximum impact and much more! (And don't forget about its bookend resource... Managing Your Top Ecommerce Website Store AFTER The Sale.) Packing a one-two-three power-punch, these three guides form the foundation upon which successful Store Build It! e-stores are built. Follow along with the three guides, and success is within your grasp -- ignore them, however, at your peril! Since they cover far more than the fundamentals, these guides are a critical element of future e-store successes. Regardless, your contacts will appreciate the fact we've gone the extra mile to provide the necessary documentation to guide them through the store's significantly more complicated building process (compared to SBI!) and to guarantee their success.

  6. Store Build It! is fully scalable. Want to sell a couple of dozen products? No problem. Want to sell a couple of hundred or even a couple of thousands SKUs? Need advanced features and flexibility? There's a version of StBI! that will work for your visitors and contacts...

    Either way, any contact who needs top ecommerce website store/shopping cart capability, coupled with a powerful traffic generator (that would be SBI!, of course) is going to love this new opportunity, and the flexibility it offers! Best of all, this means you can promote Store Build It! to every audience -- from Mom and Pop home businesses to professional eBay power sellers, to disgruntled Yahoo! store owners.

  7. Store Build It! is affordable. Our store-building engine is the best-of-breed ShopSite software. We sell it significantly cheaper than you will access it anywhere else online.

    Anyway you slice it, this adds up to one heck of a deal for SBIers! And a whale of a deal for anyone looking to sell top ecommerce website hard goods online!

But the biggest price savings? Not having to spend all the money that standalone store and portal stores have to spend to keep any semblance of traffic. Nope -- with StBI!, you OWN your own everbuilding, targeted, and FREE traffic.

Your Guarantee, The Money-Back Satisfaction

I have tested the money back guarantee and it works perfectly!
On the other hand, I am quite certain - and guarantee - that you don’t need it!
If at any point in time the Ecommerce Software Solutions SBI! does not exceed your expectations, you’ll be refunded immediately and can even keep the domain name that you registered. That’s just one proof of the Over-delivering I mentioned before.

Search Engines - The Safe And Number One Way To Visitors

Search Engines are the number one way that surfers find Web sites - and this statement I have tested before I found SBI!.

I realized very soon, that a website without visitors, is almost like a letter you keep in your drawer.
Your site has to be found, because if no one can find it, it does not exist.

After just a short time I realized, that the Ecommerce Software Solutions SBI! System is certainly the number 1 tool to work with the Search Engines. I could not wait to get started and it was far more than I had hoped for with all the search engine features.

I get amazingly good help from all the “right tools” – especially the Ecommerce Software Solutions SBI!-Manager with "Brainstorming and Research" tool. It saves me many days of work every time I work with marketing campaigns and the Pay-per-click engines.

All Tools in One Place

I got the - all tools in one place - process that took me by the hand and led me through a simple and yet effective process ---

I am working with three main parts:
  • The Affiliate Masters Course
  • Site Build It! Manager
  • Site Build It! SiteBuilder - and InfoCenter

Did You Take the Very Instructive Video Tour?

Small-Business-Specific Sites

The following sites aim at specific needs and benefits.

For The Aspiring Infopreneur... Info Publishing
Build an online business based upon what you know (from work experience, hobbies, passions, or past-times).
If you know your subject matter, and if you're motivated to build a REAL business with growing, diversified revenues...

Already have an online store? A sales site?
Most SSBs who do are in supreme pain... no traffic. We remind you of your "no traffic" pain.

... and take the "Get to the Point Test" -- it's a powerful demo of just how badly off your business is, traffic-wise, and how much better you could be doing.

Some SBI! clients have spent $30,000+ on their main e-com sites.
But their major source of traffic comes from their $300 SBI!

The Word to Professional Webmasters
Small business people who "do it themselves" are the tip of the iceberg. Webmasters reach the iceberg... those who want others to do it for them.
For the folks who reach the iceberg...

Finally, the promise of affiliate marketing is realized. Publish a theme-based information-jammed content site. Monetize with the cream of affiliate programs, blend in additional AdSense and other revenues. Finally...
Build an affiliate site that WORKS. Diversify as you grow

Network Marketers
Network Marketing starts with recruiting/lead generation. Generating leads is "made for the Net." But that's not the way matters have unfolded. Why? Because everyone in the industry has tried to force offline methods, online.
There's no need to push (i.e., chase cold calls/prospects) when you can motivate them to pull (i.e., they call you)

Online Auction Sellers
Auction sellers should free themselves of eBay dependency. The "Big 3" will do it --> #1) Own #2) Diversify #3) Build equity.
Now auction sellers can build REAL businesses that THEY own

For Those Selling a Service... or Could Be!
It's *THE* Most Overlooked Opportunity on the Net. Build an evergrowing client base until you can say... "I'm sorry... I'm not taking new clients."
The SBI!-built Theme-Based Content Site is perfect because every service revolves around a theme

For LOCAL Businesses with LOCAL Clients
There are tens of millions of small local businesses not yet online. Those who ARE online? They die deaths of quiet, no-traffic desperation. Show them how to build a Web site that WORKS... One that delivers 100 times the benefits of a Yellow Pages ad, At one tenth of the cost. Whether through Print Ad (see 5P Club) or friend-to-friend, The KEY is to reach them offline and get them to this important site...

Get paid a referrer or finder's fee by an offline business for finding a customer (or a "lead") for it. This monetization model is as classic as business itself.
The Net, though, makes it far more cost-effective...

Selling Hard Goods
Thinking about selling products online? Maybe you already are, but want to do better... much better? If so... Year by year, both retailers and shoppers are moving ever more online. It's the low risk, easy, efficient way to sell. And, for shoppers, it's the ideal way to buy (fast, convenient, reliable, endless variety, cheap). So why do 98% of small business online retailers fail?
And why is this little-known, disastrous "98%-fail" statistic good news for YOUR audience?

Selling E-goods
E-books (especially non-fiction "how to"), e-photos (booming!) scans, niche software, etc. The whole "digital goods for sale" space is soaring.
--> Anything can be digitized -- sell it...

Whether you represent villa rentals in Tuscany, medical imaging manufacturers, or the services of computer programmers,
you CAN sell or rent effectively online...

The Complete Site Build It! Reference Center

The Complete Site Build It! Reference Center- It's Not About Web Hosting-Not anymore- It's AboutSuccess.

So many small business people and Webmasters spend so much time scouring and comparing 1and1, Interland, Hostway, Verio, RackSpace, eNom and others. They measure the nuts and bolts of storage space, uptime, bandwidth, and a hundred other parameters.

But they do not measure success.

And isn't that the bottom line for any online business?

If one company delivered success at a quantum-leap higher rate than any other, wouldn't you build your business there?

After all, it takes a whole lot more than those nuts and bolts to succeed. And if your chances for significant success increased 10-fold, do you really care whether the uptime is 99.9999% or 99.9999999%?

Measuring and comparing success "cuts to the chase." It blows everything else away. There is only one system in the world that delivers and proves measurable success...

SBI! sites succeed. This page... At a minimum, you will leave this page as a stronger Net marketer.

Site Build It! is the all-in-one site-building, site-hosting, and site-marketing system of software tools that delivers success. Actually, it OVERdelivers.

And success, of course, is the bottom line. is the company that introduced this revolution. It is also the only company in the world that proves success. Other companies would... if they could. But 99+% of their small business sites fail. They even have a term for the abysmal failure rate of small businesses online...

"The Churn Rate."

SiteSell uses a different term to track SBI! small business sites. They call it The Top 6% Rate.
How can 51% of SBI! sites end up in the Top 6%?

Why Do SBI! Sites Succeed?

It's the process, combined with the complete set of integrated tools needed for its execution... The SBI! Process,
Is Based Upon The Fundamental Reality
Of The Way People Use The Web.


...bustling crowds pass by your place of business. Some of the passerby traffic notices you and walks in.

...people search for information. Millions of people, but no crowds. Each searches alone.

"Location, Location, Location"
"Information, information, information"

Proof of Success

Ever spend some time at the Web sites of the largest Web hosts in the world? 1and1, Interland, Hostway, Verio, RackSpace, eNom... they all start looking alike. Very "big corporate" look. Tons of stuff about their servers, and their company.

And it gets better...

Cheap? Countless companies offer "$3.95/month hosting."

Quick? Even the "Biggest Brand Companies" promise your site can be up and "ready to do business in less than an hour."

These are not serious approaches to real business. And they avoid discussing the cost of failure. What is the real time-and-money cost of struggling for 18 months?

You can compare features for weeks. You can take virtual tours of their mile-long server rooms. But...

You won't find much information about the customer. If they do have a "Success Stories" section, it won't begin to compare with SiteSell's. And if you do a bit of digging, you'll find that many of them get very little traffic.

Bottom line?If you visit the sales sites of these large Web hosting companies, look for this...

The word-of-mouth is spreading fast about SBI!. Site Sell proves this most meaningful comparison with other major Web hosts - contact an expert.

It's no wonder that word is spreading. This is the way small business will do business on the Net. In five years, every e-com/hosting/marketing provider will be copying this format that delivers business success, free of the need to master technology, Search Engine Optimization, and so forth.

Of course,, the originators of this ground-breaking technology that renders current Web hosting methodology "old-fashioned," will be even further ahead... they are constantly pushing the boundaries and capabilities of SBI!

In an attempt to pull all this together on a single page for you, we've created this ultimate directory of key URLs...
  • the ones you need to be able to decide if SBI! is right for your small business, and...

  • while we were at it, we also discovered some terrific free resources for you.
So, whether or not SBI! turns out to be right for you, you'll be ahead. These free resources are truly unique and powerful. Actually, they are great examples of the value that SBI!itself offers.

Speaking of whether SBI! is right for you...

SBI! does put "do-it-yourself" success into the hands of the regular small business person. And for those who simply do not have the time, more and more Webmasters are converting to SBI! as their product of choice- no need to ever hear the dreaded "so where's the traffic" question again.

What if you are a small business person who does not have the time to "build it yourself"? See the "Certified Webmaster" resource below. Hire one to build an SBI! site for you.

SBI! really is most things to most small businesses. But it may not be right for you. So let's take a look at what kind of small businesses get the most out of SBI!.

Slow down.

Take your time
as you work your way through The Complete Site Build It! Reference Center. If you do, you'll emerge 100% certain, one way or another. It's worth the time- after all...

We're talking about the future of your business.

Site Build It! Reference Center

Site Build It! Home Page
Contains all the basic information. For small businesses.

Certified Webmaster Directory
No time to "do it yourself"? Hire a Webmaster with a history of SBI! success.

Webmaster Home Page
For Webmasters. It's time to convert satisfied clients into raving fans.

Quick Tour Slide Show
A fast step-by-step demo of how SBI! works.

Feature-by-Feature, Apples-to-Apples...
Compare SBI! with other major Small Business Web Site Solutions.

View Client Sites Created With SBI!
Apply these lessons and stories to YOUR business.

Case Studies
Find the case study that most closely fits your business model. Apply its lessons. Your personal "been there, done that" mentor.

The SBI! Small Business Locator
Tailor-made advice for every kind of small business. Use this page to find the small business category that yours fits into. Then learn how to really use the Web!

No Other Company Can Provide Proof Like This
It's not about the hosting anymore. It's about success. Stop comparing features and start comparing outcome.

Ask an actual SBI! owner/user. Get a real experience-based answer.

Free Resources

Search It!
The only ecommerce-related search tool that you will ever need... use it a few times and you'll soon be using it 20 times per day.

SpamCheck Report - Stay Out of the Junk Mail Folder.
Free SpamCheck Report in seconds, ensuring your e-mail gets opened and read.

SiteSell Value Exchange -- Only Sites of Value Need Register
The ONLY True-Blue, Real Links-of-Value Exchanger on the Planet that WORKS! Free registration and exchanging.

Free Masters Courses
Selling a service? Starting an affiliate-based business? No matter what, this page offers free, critically acclaimed courses, one of which will be perfect for you.

You Want A Website Soon? Let Us Help You With the Secrets Now!

  • You do not have the time to build your own site
  • You like what you do and want to keep doing what you do best
  • Remember our watertight guarantee
  • Get free start up advice - special discount

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