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Web Biz Solutions. Are Marketing Forums a Waste of Time?

Recently I've had a lot of people ask me about the web biz solutions and Internet marketing communities springing up all over the Web.

You know the ones I'm talking about...

The discussion forums and chat rooms hosted by so-called Internet marketing gurus who promise members "unlimited access" to their team of experts - and to their web biz solutions
but the only people you meet in their forums are beginner marketers who are still struggling to make their first dollar online!

In order to help you determine which are worth joining - and which are a colossal waste of time-

here are three questions you need to ask before getting involved in any of these communities...

Question #1: Are Your Questions Guaranteed To Be Answered By An Experienced Internet Web Biz Marketing Professional?

Let's face it... Other Internet marketers can be a useful source of useful information - provided they have actual experience running successful online businesses!

You don't want to get involved in a community where the only suggestions you get are from people who are simply parroting things they've read online, without ever having tried the strategies for themselves.

So when someone offers you a piece of advice, ask them for REAL PROOF they know it actually works. If they can't provide it, it's time to move on.

Question #2: Are your web biz questions guaranteed to be answered within a specific time frame?

I've seen it happen again and again - people join an online marketing community desperate for advice from a seasoned web biz marketing professional. So they post their most pressing questions and wait impatiently for someone to answer them.

And they wait... And wait... And wait...

... Meanwhile, they're losing out on potential sales because they're not taking any decisive action about web biz solutions and with their websites!

Question #3: Will the "experts" give you a detailed analysis of your website - and offer concrete suggestions for improvement?

If you could ask just ONE question of a seasoned marketing professional, here's what it should be: "Will you review my website for best web biz solutions?"

If they say no, then my advice to you is: find another community to join.

Without a doubt, you'll get more value out of a detailed website review than any other information a seasoned professional can offer.

A reputable online expert will give your site a full "diagnostic"-and let you know exactly what changes you need to make to your web biz site and salescopy to improve your conversions.

By asking these three questions, you can make sure you join a community populated with real Internet web biz marketing professionals who will deliver real advice - and help you get REAL results!

It delivers an immense amount of value that you simply will not find anywhere else.

In addition to round-the-clock access to REAL Internet marketing experts, you also get:

  • A guaranteed response from a seasoned professional within 48 hours... and often much sooner!

  • Monthly 60-75 minute teleconferences with industry masterminds who are making huge six- and seven-figure incomes such as John Assaraf, one of the experts featured in the hit film and book, "The Secret.")

  • Monthly training videos showing how to implement the latest proven online marketing strategies and web biz solutions... and much more.

So if you're thinking about joining an online marketing community - and getting UNLIMITED web biz marketing advice including business ideas... website reviews... salescopy advice... traffic secrets... and MORE...

Your Password To "The Million-Dollar Idea Vault"

If you've ever wondered where an Internet "guru" gets his most lucrative ideas for generating massive traffic and profits on the Internet, here's your chance to find out...

Because for the first time EVER, he has decided to throw open the doors of his private testing laboratories!

Every month, the private team of Internet marketing experts spend literally 1,000s of hours testing and researching all the latest marketing strategies, tools, and resources in every area of Internet marketing imaginable...

They look for strategies that can quickly add $7,500 to $10,000 to your monthly income in less than 30 days in areas like search engine optimization, copywriting, email marketing, web design, product development, pay-per-click advertising, traffic generation, affiliate programs, and tons more!

They throw out all the 'duds' (anything not worth at least $1,000 in "extra profits" per week!) - and they pile up only the most cutting-edge strategies they've tested and proven to wildly profitable... right now!

And now, by popular demand, he has decided to give away UNLIMITED access to all the most profitable test results from his laboratories.

How to Fight the Search Engines (And Win!)

If you want to maximize your profits by driving an endless stream of eager shoppers to your website - without spending a PENNY to get them - then nothing beats the free search engines, like Google, Yahoo, and MSN.

According to a recent AOL study, a whopping 89.7% of people searching the Internet NEVER look past the first page of search results!

Now in the past, it seemed that getting to that coveted top spot in the search engines was half rocket science, half voodoo magic. And it could take months - even years - to see any real results.

But all that has changed! Let me explain...

You see, working with in-house experts (who all work with customers daily to improve their traffic and sales), they came up with a set of strategies for getting your site to #1 on ALL the major search engines that are SO easy to use, even a complete "newbie" could do it.

After just 26 days, he was already sitting at the # 2 spot on Google (out of a whopping 36,000,000 results!)

Now, just in case you think that this can only work for Internet gurus and other 'web savvy' entrepreneurs, take a look at how these *same* strategies have been working for his other customers, who are regular people just like YOU!

  • Peter B. increased his sales by 40% while chopping his ad budget in HALF, thanks to the #1 spot the strategies got him on Google. He's now selling $1.2 MILLION in services a year!

  • Dave U. not only has the number two spot on Google, he's ALSO #1 in MSN (and that's out of a staggering 9,070,000 results!!)

  • Alex D. is now getting an extra 15,650 visitors a MONTH, because they swooped in and grabbed the #1 slot on Google right out from under his toughest competitors' noses. Now he's earning $100,000 a MONTH!

  • Julian and Jane B. got an extra 46,732 visitors in just one month - all showing up with their wallets in their hands - after taking the #2 spot on Google (imagine how much more they'll get when they hit #1!)

  • Nick J got 'greedy' and swiped the top TWO spots on Yahoo! (out of 4,910,000 results).

And the system can do the same for you!

Good luck with your rankings!

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A marvellous new free online tool, you simply use the problem solver, the decision maker.
You make your own decisions, based entirely on the information you type into the software.
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You're Already Successful, Silly!

By Lisa Irby

You hear the word "success" on a regular basis. People use it in reference to jobs, relationships, sports, and even to measure someone's life as a whole.

We are all successful in some way, shape or form. It's just that some people may succeed in one area while others succeed in another. The problem comes in when we play the comparison game.

How many times have you thought about a friend who possesses something you would like to have, and believed they were more successful than you because of it? Perhaps it even made you feel like a failure because you don't feel you measure up.

My question to you is, "Why are you using THEIR life as a benchmark to measure your own?"

Even though we may not be aware of this, we are often taught to define our own success in life by comparing ourselves to other people. It's great to admire someone for what they've done, but don't discount yourself in the process. People also tend to look at success as a black and white term - either you are or you aren't.

Success can come in all different areas of your life. Maybe you're a great father, cook or friend. Perhaps you have the gift of being a good listener and encouraging others when they are down. That's YOUR success story.

I am not the best public speaker, or the best athlete. I'm also not the best cook or the best gardener. However, as I've gone through life, I've found things that I am good at and focus on them instead of comparing myself to others.

I am a great writer and have a gift for helping people create and make money with their websites online. That's one of the things I enjoy doing and it makes me happy.

We all have a success story inside of us, and I challenge you to find yours and *OWN* it. It's what makes you, YOU! When you already believe you are successful, your perspective in life changes for the better.

Here's to your success! *cheers*

Lisa Irby is the Affiliate Manager for SiteSell.com. She has helped hundreds of "newbies" create a profitable website through her online tutorials.

If you're looking for a SUCCESSFUL online business or a way to make some extra money on the Internet, join the free 5 Pillar Affiliate program at: - it's a program that stands for success!

Article Source: Lisa Irby

An Urgent Update For Your Business

If you use email to communicate with your customers and subscribers, then you'll want to pay CLOSE attention...

... I have some extremely important updates for you!

Even as you're reading this, a massive industry shift is taking place that's going to dramatically affect whether or not 40% to 80% of the email you send gets delivered -- or filtered as spam!

Obviously, if your email isn't getting delivered, your sales and profits are going to seriously suffer!

So on the webpage, you're not only going to discover the exact email marketing strategies that one guy used to generate $291,756.42 and 44,901 new opt-in email subscribers in the last 30 days alone...

... you're also going to learn how you can get "whitelisted" with Yahoo, AOL, and Hotmail -- and guarantee the delivery of every email you send... Plus you'll read about the 3 NEW criteria used by "spam filters" to deliver (or delete) your email -- accreditation, reputation, and email authentication!

I hope you enjoy this!

Site Build It! -- "Do It Yourself"
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Those who want to replace income from a lost job (or from a job they'd love to drop!), or...

Families who want to supplement their income so mothers can stay at home with the children and still earn...

Retirees (or pre-retirees) who see the need to supplement pensions and/or social security....

"Web marketing addicts" (those who read it all, every guru, every latest fad, but have yet to earn anything worthwhile)...

Those with career advancement options -- learning and doing SBI! gives you a powerful new life skill, one which is important for any company when hiring.

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  • Maintain and repair durable appliances instead of buying new ones.

  • Ask an Appliance Expert...

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  • Ask a Landscaping Specialist...

Have other questions?

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