21 Top Tips for 2021

and Four Bonus Top Tips

This is a list of “top tips” shared at the first Solo Build It! Gala Zoom-athon on Tuesday, December 15, 2020.

Thanks to everyone who came, and to everyone who so willingly shared their experience and wisdom.

Starting Out

Follow the Action Guide! You too can grow to amazing levels by just doing that!

Ken Evoy, Solo Build It! Founder and CEO

Focus on just one website at a time. Don’t be distracted by doing more than one.

Doug Lee, Solo Build It! Customer Advisor Team

Plan to take things seriously from the start. Be consistent from day 1, whether that’s writing content, building your list or adding monetization streams.

Yuki Evoy, New Inspired

Building Your Business

Make sure what you’re writing about is something you’re going to be passionate about for a long time. Then, take it slowly. Use the tools,

use the forums, and continue until you’re successful - because you will find success. And always remember: you’re never alone.

Marylyn Broomhall, Family Getaways Melbourne

Everything you do, right from the beginning, should be focused on your ideal site visitor. Every word you write, every product you sell, every social post you compose. Never do anything without having her at the front, middle and back of your mind.

Cath Andrews, SBI! Content Team Lead and Raising Happy Chickens

Feel inspired, every moment of every day.

Carole Macpherson, SiteSell Pro

Always remember that everyone starts somewhere. Don’t be fazed when you hear stories of great success and you’re just starting out.

Use the tools that SBI! provides, and stick with it. You never know where you’ll end up.

Paul Buckingham, Video Driven

Build your email list right from the start. Do not wait. Use the tools you have, and start. Now. The money is in the list.

Carl Trent, the Disney Dad, WDW Magazine

Don’t be discouraged if you only have a small income at first. My first check was 65 cents from AdSense. Now I make around $50,000 per year, from Facebook alone!

Mike Miller, Florida Backroads Travel

Add media to your pages - images, audio and video. Remember - it’s all content.

Clayton Scott, Head of Programming, Solo Build It!

There’s been a general trend towards an increase in audio recordings and podcasting. So add audio recordings of your page content. And video, of course - that goes without saying

Paul Buckingham,Solo Build It!’s Roving Ambassador

Be yourself, from the heart. Only you can be you. So have the confidence to be yourself - and then reach out to others you can work collaboratively with. It’s satisfying and it builds confidence on confidence.

Lesley Postle, SiteSell Pro and Grief and Sympathy

If you're not already using Pinterest to market your business, consider doing so. Read the Pinterest Action Guide, understand how Pinterest works as a visual search engine (it's not social media!) and how using a simple consistent strategy can drive free organic traffic to your website or blog.

Visual and video are everything now, especially on mobile devices.

Erin, Solo Build It! Marketing Manager & co-author, Pinterest Action Guide

Never stop learning. Everyone has the capacity to do something.

Rae O’Neill, Solo Build It! Development Team

Read the Help! I’m always happy to answer questions in the forums, however, the answers are often already there in the Help sections.

Help Elf, Solo Build It!’s pointy-eared forum helper and technical writer

Social Media

Experiment with video and Facebook Live to grow your Facebook presence and therefore your traffic. Allow time to test, and repeat whatever works. Stop doing the rest.

Nori Evoy, Anguilla Beaches

Post consistently to Facebook. Once you have a good number of articles on your website, make sure they are up-to-date and then add about three posts each day to Facebook, with a link back to your article. Always make sure the post gives an honest appraisal of what’s, in the article - don’t create click-bait!

Mike Miller, Florida Backroads Travel

To get more reach on Facebook, add any links you might have back to your website in the comments, not on the original post.

Grace and James, Best of Oahu

Social media is a place to be social. It is not a substitute for an email list.

Carl Trent, WDW Magazine

Don’t put all your eggs in the social media basket. My Facebook page was hacked. I lost all my followers. But I had an email list, so I was able to redirect them back to my new Facebook page. I got it back in the end, but it took a year and a lawyer to sort it out. I agree with Carl

- build your list.

Gerhild Fulson, Quick German Recipes


If you've had your site for some time (years!), consider doing a redesign, especially if you are still using a 3-column template. Those were “hip” 10 years ago, but not any more. Work with a professional designer (from our SiteSell Pros). Not only will the result amaze you, it will also revitalize your motivation to work on your site.

Margit Streifeneder, SBI! Marketing Team Lead, and BloonsUp

You don’t need to block out big chunks of time. Do something, no matter how small. Do it between other jobs, then go back to whatever you were doing before.

For example, when writing an article, spend small amounts of time reading and making notes, even if the information doesn’t seem relevant now. Then put the notes together. Discard some, use others.

It gradually all comes together and a page is born.

Carol Leather, Solo Build It Support Team,

Nature Walks with Carol & Carol Leather Portraits

Spend money to make money. Once you start to make money, don’t try to do everything yourself. Hire some tasks out. Use SiteSell Pros. And don’t only think of technical or website-based things. Think about, for example, getting help around the house to free up your time.

Gerhild Fulson, Quick German Recipes

Working Together

Find time to hang out with other like-minded people. Our Zoom sessions are a great example of that, and the forums, too.

Mike Miller, Florida Backroads Travel

Listen to each other. Come to the Zooms. And keep doing what you’re doing.

Janice Isomura, Solo Build It! Admin Team

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