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Solopreneur advantage

In short-you focus 100% on building your business. We’ll do everything else - enabling you to succeed by outperforming others in your niche.

Summary: Top Ways in Which The System Helps Best Solopreneurs Succeed

There you have it!   We asked…

“What are the top 3 ways in which the Solopreneur System has contributed to your success?”

You’ve read 52 answers from some of the best solopreneurs online.   

The replies vary wildly in style and length. Some system users add the story behind their solopreneur career, others stick to a bullet point list of their top 3 ways.

We’ve counted and analyzed the replies. Here are the takeaways…

Features of Solopreneurs  Build It! stand out as the clear winners…

1) the Action Guide

2) the forums / community.

Tied for third place…

3a) the provision of up-to-date, vetted information, weeding out the noise and bad info

3b) first-class customer support.

And at least 10 solopreneur people mention 5 more keys to winning online…

5) Brainstorm It! and Master Keyword List (“MKL”), the systems advanced keyword brainstorming and analysis tools

6) The systems integrated suite of easy-to-use tools (another time-saver).

7) The system takes care of technology behind the scenes

8) “The system saves me time.”

For a graphical overview, take a look at the chart above.

And the complete list you´ll find below…

The range of  each set of “Top 3” answers is amazingly diverse.  And their supporting commentary is even more so, adding valuable depth.  

The same feature can be presented in different ways (ex., hosting can be “secure and handles my technical issues” or “worry-free” or “gives confidence”). Grouping the replies accordingly, it all boils down, first and foremost, to this…


Solo Build It! enables best solopreneurs to focus their limited time in the most efficient and effective way possible.  Even the person with all the BAM in the world will fail if s/he does not focus her time onto the business-building task that matters most at any given point of the process.

That’s incredibly fundamental. In fact, it almost seems absurd to make a big deal of it.  And interestingly, few actually do consciously recognize it (time-saving is #8).

“Of course I’m focused,” you may think.  And you’d be right – until you thought about how the best solopreneur environment works.  Let’s explore this a little…

By the very definition of being a Solopreneur, you are time-limited. We each get 24 hours in a day. Remove 8 for sleep, another 8 for “the job” and 3-4 hours for commuting, eating, child-care/family, some form of downtime (TV, exercise, etc.) and whatever else…

You’re only left with a few hours per day, MAX. Full-timers gain more, of course, but there’s still an absolute time ceiling.

Let’s be on the high side and average “time for my business” to 4 hours per day.  If it’s 2, the following discussion is all the more important. If it’s 10, you still do NOT want to spend hours per day on inefficient “to do” items.  Yet you may very well be doing that…

The nature of the Net is distraction.  And I’m not talking about the “just one video” on YouTube that turns into 3-hour segues. I trust that those are chopped (or you carefully manage that in your “downtime” bucket which is, ideally, minimized).  

Consider the poor use of best solopreneur time…

Figuring it all out

You may be doing a lot of reading and organizing and re-thinking as you pick up something new. That  takes time away from the actual building of a business. I mean…

Who do you follow? How do you know? How do you decide what makes sense and what is the correct order of the steps?

How do you avoid GRQs’ incredible sales copy that convinces you that “this time is different?” That alone can easily blow $500-$1,000 and a year of your life.  

Then there is the ton of repetitive articles, the softer “waste-of-time” info and the flat-out bad that is actually harmful to your efforts.  Do you have the expertise to sort it all out, the discipline to reject the hot and hyped?

Need help?

Where do you go? WordPress forums answer questions about using their sitebuilder.  And yes, there are tons of forums for everything. But affiliates lurk everywhere, ready to promote whatever makes them money.  And loads of people who give answers are parroting inaccurate information.

Even the most active participants vary in their opinion of what works. Is their approach compatible with yours? Do you end up disagreeing, or asking follow-ups?

And there are those who can sound super-smart, but in fact are failing. Again, you need a certain level of savviness to sort it all out… in order to become savvy.

Getting the right answers is risky and time-sucking.

There’s a solopreneur tool for everything

But which ones do you actually need?  So many review sites are affiliate recommendations. This alone is a quagmire to figure out.

WordPress has an excellent user-rating system, but again, which tools or plugins do you need?  Which are going to crash on the next upgrade of WP? Which upgrade of one tool might crash another?  

And even with WordPress you have to find a quality host. And on it goes.

Many count that and other activities as “relevant work.” It’s what everyone does, and it’s why almost everyone fails se the bottom 99%. Our time must be focused on actually building your business.

Sharp use of time, a BUSINESS-building focus, lies behind most successes.  Everything, and we do mean everything, needs to blur away until you are always doing what matters most, never spending “empty treading” time.

Over and over, if you think about many of the Top 10 items that our “Wisdom of Crowds” tabulation has bubbled to the top above,  there’s a huge time saving component.  

With that context, let’s look at the top lessons from the best solopreneurs.

1. The Solopreneur Action Guide

Consider the proven process outlined step-by-step in the  Action Guide.  That takes a long time to figure out, and even then, it will never be as clear in your mind as it should be.

Every hour not spent figuring it out  is applied to doing the next step that actually pushes you further ahead with your business.

SBI! provides the right information at the right time and in a well organized, easy-to-follow format. This starts with the  Action Guide  (in written, audio and video format) and continues throughout the progress with tips and techniques articles, tutorials and the weekly newsletter.

This saves you, the best solopreneur, a lot of time (your most precious, non-renewable resource). You don’t have to wade through hundreds of articles and figure out what’s valuable or worthless or even detrimental to your success. SBI! does that for you.

As Ian Parkin puts it…

“I am freed up to put all my available time into my site, because I do not need to chase all the new web building fads and formulas that most others get sucked up in. I know SBI! follows all that on my behalf, and provides me with the cream when found to be so.”

2. Solopreneur Forums

Building a business doesn’t happen overnight. Especially in the beginning, you have to put in many hours with little to show for it. So, yes, there will likely be times when you feel discouraged, frustrated, perhaps even willing to throw in the towel.

New colleges appreciate the non-intimidating atmosphere. Much like a “borrow a book – leave a book” library, folks arrive asking questions, return later to “pay it forward.”  And even for the veterans, the zero aggravation factor (no flames, no selling) is nice, too.

It goes further than that, though. In Richard Mitchell’s words…

The forums. Such a wealth of knowledge, with friendly advice and insights. The friendliest forum I have ever been on, as well as the most informative!

That’s why colleges rate being part of a helpful community of like-minded best solopreneurs as such  a critical part of success. Consider the efficiency of using a set of forums that covers every aspect of online biz-building with a unique help-and-be-helped culture, populated by folks who all use the same “playbook?” Priceless.

So once again, while it’s important to find resources that enable you to get excellent answers to problems, doing it quickly lets you get right back to the work that matters the most.

3. Solopreneur Up-to-date, Vetted Information, Weeding Out the Noise

The firehose of info is constant. Most is just a new way of saying the same thing, or low-quality, or wrong, or spammy.  There’s only a little that is new and important enough to act upon.

While other solopreneurs are “keeping up on information,” SBIers are moving ahead with their business-building activities, delighted that we’ve got their backs by filtering the firehose.

4. First-Class Solopreneur Support

This one is obvious. Every customer wants fast and effective support.
The SiteSell support team is available to SBIers 24/7. We are super proud about the high marks that our support team consistently receives, like this one from Mike Miller…

We have a tremendous Support system and staff. Many times over the years I have been unable to figure something out and Support has quickly responded to my questions and either fixed the problem or given me the answer I was looking for.

Just FYI (in case you are interested), we “do” Support differently (behind the scenes). Everyone gets the same number of inbound “tickets.”  Each issue is handled to completion by the same person. No one is pressured to handle as many as possible per hour (a common metric for Support staff). We keep hours low, which keeps enthusiasm high.  

Every member of our Support staff understands how important your business is to you. They care about getting you back on task (business-building) ASAP. And oh yes, one more thing…

If you ever have a problem that we seem to be fouling up, (no one’s perfect!), you can reach our founder and CEO directly via email!  That clears any misses up pretty quickly!

Our Support staff are the true heroes of our company. They care like crazy.

5. Solopreneur Brainstorm It! & Master Keyword List

Brainstorm It! received the highest marks of all of the systems tools, and rightfully so.

It’s hard work, but also an exciting time to see your niche, set of topics and site structure forming up.  Brainstorm It! and the Master Keyword List have a unique set of functions that are specifically aimed at maximizing your odds of success.

You will use our sitebuilder (BlockBuilder 2) or WordPress - if you use our system for WP more, of course. But any sitebuilder is just a tool.  It does not write your content. Nor will it help you pick the best domain name, build traffic, master social media, or monetize.

Business success starts with high-quality upfront research, before you do anything  else. The high vote for Brainstorm It! shows how much the top solopreneur understand that.

Chase Landre summarizes this perfectly…

The system teaches exactly what is important for success - keywords, niche, etc. - and then provides incredible tools to make the most of what you’ve learned.

6. Solopreneur Integrated Tools

The best information and training are useless if you don’t have the tools to apply them. SBI! comes with all the tools you need to build your online business.

From keyword brainstorming to page building to sending out newsletters to one-click integration of social media, and much more, it’s all there. All in one place and constantly updated.

Frequent mention was made of the all-in-one nature of the SBI! toolset.  That brings us back to time-saving. There’s no need to sort out good from bad from best. And after that?…

You could easily be logging in to 20 different resources, learning 20 interfaces and approaches to software functionality.  Instead, one login covers it all.  

7. Taking Care of Technology

Even our most successful colleges probably know less “tech stuff” than most other solopreneur. We not only take care of the info-overload (aka “the firehose”), we handle all the technology, too. You don’t even need to bother with hosting.

This, too, boils down to another time-saving benefit, enabling you to focus on growing the business. So they may know less jargon and “latest-greatest,” but they know what matters and how to use it optimally.  And that brings us to the last of the factors that was mentioned more than 10 times…

8. “The solopreneur system saves me time”

Some colleges actually recognized this benefit. And it’s not just about saving time, but what SBI! enables you to do with it. Time-optimization and focus is built into every part of SBI!.  That’s because we think about online business-building for best solopreneur differently…

Let’s say that you know a niche really well and that you want to build a business around it. We’ll use “breeding tortoises” as an example because, well, we like tortoises.  

What should you be spending your time on?…

Keeping up with what’s going on in the world of tortoise-breeding?


Keeping up with what’s going on in the intense world of “all things related to building your online business”?

We believe it’s the former.  

After all, if you had an MBA and got a big job with a manufacturer of automobiles, you would become an expert in the making and marketing of cars. You would study the competition, know as much as possible about your industry…

But you would not keep taking MBA courses!

The same goes for best solopreneur…

You should be reading about your tortoise niche, learning through your own experiences, networking with other breeders. You’ll do everything from figuring out what your business will be to maximizing profits.  

In short, you focus 100% on building your solopreneur business. We’ll do everything else, enabling you to succeed by outperforming others in your niche.

That is the Solopreneur advantage

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