Small Business Success: Do the Work You Love-Reap Financial Benefits

Small Business Success

How To Do And More Importantly-What Not To Do On The "Small Business Success Side" Of Your New Company

Do you have small business success, or are you thinking about starting a business? The timing is right. More and more small business owners are looking for a way to make the move to online promotion. Most do not have the time or skills to build their own site. As a result, they are actively seeking affordable help.

So capitalize on this growing demand by setting up your own small business success and home-based business. Do the kind of work you love and reap all the financial benefits- i.e., the small business success!

Starting any type of business, online or off, requires solid preparation. Without it, the foundation is weak. And it leaves you, as the owner/operator, susceptible to costly mistakes and worse yet, irreversible decisions that could stunt growth.

We can certainly point you in the right direction, show you a system that is "all things to all small business success" how to do and more importantly, what not to do on the "business side" of your new company. (After all, you already have the idea, or else you wouldn't be looking for information)

The consumer demand for information and products is substantial and it will not evaporate in the near future. You are definately not on a high-risk business proposition. You will have all the advantages of working from home:

  • no office to rent
  • no boss telling you what to do
  • flexibility to pick your own hours
  • ability to generate income in your living room
  • the biggest advantage of all, you're the person in charge.
  • You decide how, when and where you want to work.

The system/product will help you establish your small business success on a solid footing and position yourself as owner of your small business idea.

Take a quick overview of the type of small business success that best describes what it is that you do (or want to do) in the following:

Affiliate Marketer

The affiliate monetization model is a strong "high reward/low risk" Web site monetization option.
The Affiliate Monetization Model is one of the best opportunities for the average person interested in e-commerce - and it is a tremendous monetization model for those who publish information - whether as their primary business, or a means to attract and presell traffic for their primary business. But affiliates are not immune to the standard rules of the business world. Those who work well will succeed- those who are looking to "get rich quick" are once again heading for disappointment.

The affiliate model is a "high reward/low risk Web site monetization option, and...
You don't have to develop excellent products- it has already been done for you- and you simply pick the best available ones, from the best available merchants....

You don't have to take and process a single order, you simly send people to your affiliateed merchants, then get paid when they buy.
You don't have to handle, or ship a product (your merchant do that), and you never have to answer customers inquiries.

You don't have to spend a penny to join the programs and your small business success affiliate business can be started part-time.
Millions of affiliates send billions of visitors to ten thousands of companies in return for a payment. Forrester Research project the affiliate model to grow exponentially over the next few years.

Auction Seller

Online auction selling can be profitable, if you do it the right way.
Perhaps you want to own your own trafic without dependency on Ebay and want to develop a bigger concept with your own site in the niche that you know and love.

You want to fill that site with high-value content that potential customers want - and use that content to attract your own targeted traffic. Use Ebay instead of them using you, but only as part of your monetization plan. Instead of building another unvisited site, build a site that attracts warm, willing-to-buy visitors.

Do deliver content about your theme/niche and use a system that handles the technology and complexity of building and marketing your small business success site.
Focus on what you know best and on running your small business success site, whatever it might be...

Getting Started Your Small Business Success? Thinking About It?

Become an Infopreneur and start online from your small business success - regardless of your background and tech skills. You are about to convert knowledge of a certain subject into a small business success and you are motivated, bacause a genuine, profitable business takes work.

Successful online-business-building is all about following the right process, using strong tools, and smart work. Take what you know from work experience, hobbies, passions, or past-times and convert that into a genuine, thriving enterprise that you will be proud to call yours.

Since the lifeblood of a growing, Web based business is traffic and that means hundreds of visitors per day, growing to thousands as you continue to create content related to your site's theme. The traffic you convert into small business success income in more than one way....
Your Google AdSense ads generates substantial monthly based income...

You refer the presold visitors to the affiliate programs of merchants selling related goods, or services...
Local offline businesses paying special small business success finder fees for you...
You earn income from selling your own e-goods, services, hard goods and more...
There is no limit to the number of ways to monetize your traffic....
You just figure out what you know and love, and then how to monetize it... the Net is still young - we have not yet scratched the surface...

Local, Offline Small Business success

A Web site yields 100 times the results of a Yellow Pages ad, at one tenth of the cost.
If you have small business success with local clientele you can get the jump on your competitors - differentiate yourself and take business from competitors.

Faster and faster, local businesses are coming online, using the net to build trust and deepen relationship with existing local customers by providing friendly, personal information about the business, great content, valuable articles, Web site specials...
You have to think of a Web site as a super Yellow Pages ad with 100 times the results at 1/10 of the price. In addition people are searching less and less by offline and more by online.

The qestion is, how could a 4" x 2" Yellow Pages ad compete with a built Web site? On a Yellow Pages ad you have no idea how many exposures you get, or how many people call or visit due to your ad. You have no posible measuring of your investment!
From your Web site you will know exacly how many visitors arrive every day, and you will know everything about them.

Increasing numbers of searching pre-customers use the Net to find local small business success companies - and with a Web site the smallest companies can compete on the same footing as the biggest!
A Web site that works is cheap and nothing will grow your existing offline local small business success like a Web site.

You can diversify and add new income streams to your small business success.
Hard Goods Creators/Sellers - Online Auctions - E-goods Creators/Sellers - Information-Publishers/AdSense - Affiliates - Referrer/Finder - Service businesses.

Network Marketer and Small Business Success

There's no need to push, or chase cold calls/prospects, when you can motivate people to pull (warm leads call you). Network Marketers have struggled to realize the networking, lead-generating potential of the Web because they have tried to "maximize the product consumption and small business success of the downline." Corporate headquarters tries to come up with solutions for Network Marketing on the Net. But they don't understand the Net. Replicated "content sites" don't work because the Search Engines ignore them - and they consider them the equivalent of spam since these sites just clog up their databases and degrade the quality of their search results. The engines penalize replicated content sites.

The solution is to have your own unique Web site, without breaking government or corporate rules. And in return it generates your own unique, warm, interested, PREsold leads.
We can show you a way to build a site related to your Network Marketing small business success and it's products and how it uses the networking power of the Web to generate warm, willing-and-wanting-to-talk-to-you prospects.

People who will call you, not the other way around.
The lifeblood of a growing Network Marketing business is new leads. Four or five new leads per day, every day, generated by you. They will call you because you have done it the right and proper way and you are almost the way home when the leads call you.
Your sites content attracts targeted visitors (potential downline members) and credentializes you in the eyes of your potential new customers and downline members.

In addition your e-zine builds more and more trust. When they contact you they want more information and from there your company's training takes over inbound leads.
It's important to build high-value content about topics related to your company's products, but not about the products themselves, nor about the company, nor about the business, because..

"pitching" products, company or the business opportunity would break too many government and corportate rules...
The patient information-sharing approach is ultimately the most effective road to success that establishes you as an expert, who shares information- someone to approach for more information and help with small business profit.

All you have to do is leave the door open for people to call, or e-mail you for more information...
Do not talk business on your side, do not provide links to your replicated store, don't even use a form to let visitors order your free CD-ROM.

There is no stronger, more cost-effective way to build your customer and downline base...

Service Seller

Here is how to build an evergrowing client base until you're finally forced to say - "I'm sorry - I'm not taking new clients".
The biggest, most overlooked e-commerce opportunity is the services industry.
A single client can bring in hundreds, thousands of dollars, so the return on investment to establish a small business profit Web site is higher than for any other kind of business.
Selling a service on the Net goes way beyond Net-related services like programming, or Web design. The possibilities are endless and you could provide a service that anyone from any part of the world is searching for and needs...

Believe it or not, just about everyone has an expertise in something that they could sell - and odds are most people are already selling their small business profit services as a primary source of income - but have never thought seriously about generating customers globally by using the Web's powerful outreach.

In fact, selling your professional small business success service online is the most overlooked and virtually untapped opportunity on the Internet. Despite the fact that it requires minimum effort and cost to bring your skills and knowledge before a hungry-to-buy, worldwide audience, most service sellers fail to do so.

In order to sell a service online, you need to establish a relationship with your potential clients. A content-rich Web site and newsletter that build trust and credibility will develop and solidify this rapport. It is only after a relationship is established that prospects will begin to respond.

A Web presence gives your business a distinct edge over your local competitors, especially when it comes to expanding your current customer base. A local small business success idea can leverage its Web presence by turning its site into a feel-good community resource.
A Web presence indicates your consideration of peoples busy lifestyles and you have in effect a 24/7 storefront just for them.

A Web presence is cheap, and a single lifetime customer brings significant dollars to your business.
Be passionate about what you do and love what you are doing, because your enthusiasm and determination will be reflected in your small business profit idea at all levels of operation.

Offer superior quality to your clients and provide outstanding service every time.
Impress your customer with fast turn-around, or low pricing, or free trial, or unexpected extras, or generous guarantee etc...

Qality and high satisfaction guarantee repeat clients and these enthusiastic clients generate word-of-mouth referrals - the most targeted and least expensive way to develop leads, produce contracts and increase profits...

If you can deliver your service globally, you're at the right place - more and more people are using the net as their preferred source of information. If you sell a global service, or are intending to have one, you have to build a Web site that works...

Build your own Theme-based Content Site- this is the highest return on investment for any service seller, yet most don't dream of doing it...

Already Online

Take the "Get to the Traffic Point Test"- se how you could get thousands of targeted visitors to your sales site every day.
According to there are 40 million Web sites, of which 16.6 are active!
Perhaps you will use the Net to build an online business from your small business profit idea, or use the Net to expand your offline one.

Then you must turn your business and products/services into content- and then convert that content back into business and income. How?
The big picture to do this:
Take one or more site concepts/themes that apply to part, or all of your business/product line/services.

Brainstorm profitable topics that are related to your theme.
Build your theme-based content site and fill it with high-value content and information that potential customers want.
We can show you a way without knowledge of HTML and which is also search-engine-optimized.

The theme-based content attracts targeted visitors, because you have written it to rank highly at the engines, in a "no-tricks way" that the search engines respect- an effective way to attract targeted customers to your site.

Your high-value, original content pre-sells your targeted visitors, winning confidence and trust by providing the information they seek, by establishing yourself in this niche. It credentializes you in the eyes of your potential new customers.

Refer those pre-sold visitors to related goods or services offered at your primary e-commerce, or corporate site. Textual recommendations from a trusted advisor convert into sales at a much, much greater rate than ads.

Your first site will overdeliver and you start multiple sites with each site "targeting" a specific niche/theme that relates to a particular set of goods, or services you offer.
The key is owning your own traffic. Before you can monetize, diversify, grow your mailing list, presell, build greater and greater equity - you must grow your own traffic.

When you have the traffic, you can start a mix of supplementary monetization models and diversify your small business profit idea into multiple streams of income...


How do I get traffic? Convert your satisfied clients into raving fans.
If you are to busy to build your own site and need some help getting started, let a webmaster help build your small business profit site.
The ultimate "do-it-yourself" is not for everyone and if you have a small business profit idea and a business to run you are probably to busy most of the time to think about being a Web professional!

If you simply do not have the time, or if you judge it more profitable to spend your time doing what you do best, you can hire a Webmaster to get a totally professional site and traffic to a price that is far less than what you should otherwise pay.

How this works:
Get a bid from a webmaster...
Work with the webmaster to build your small business profit site...
Once your site is up, you can log into your account to check on the performanse of your site...
Update your site as needed...

You receive our newsletter that keeps you on top of important business-building developments and you have access to 7-day a week customer support...

Other Business

No matter what the nature of your small business idea is, here is the best-practices based, step-by-step process to use the Net.
If you want to get a system/process that that works and Web sites that build business to your small business profit idea, we can help you...
We will show you the only all-in-one site-building, site-hosting, and site-marketing product that makes it easy for you to build a professional, popular, and profitable business.

Your job is to deliver content about your theme/niche and all the behind the scenes technology and complexity of building and marketing your Web site will be handled.
You are welcome to take contact with an actual and succesful owner/user that will provide you with the real answers and personal advice based upon first hand experience.

Thousands of small businesses have used the system/process to establish online enterprises from their small business profit idea.

They have followed the best-practices based, step-by-step process, applying it to their own particular business circumstances...


Get paid a referrer or finder's fee by an offline business for finding a customer (or a "lead") for it. This monetization model is as classic as business itself.

The Net, though, makes it far more cost-effective...

With high volumes of targeted traffic you have the leads that businesses want.
You are then in a position where you can deliver to each party what the other does not have.
You have several monetization options for your content Site. You can put yourself in the middle and use your traffic for the online and offline businesses. Your visitors are highly targeted and the chance is that some of them will be in the market for the third party businesses that you recommend. You get paid for the lead or sale that results.

Since the majority of small businesses are still offline and have no idea how to use the Net, they will pay you for targeted referrals, or for your traffic.
The important thing is to sell information, since people search for information on the Net.

Selling E-goods

E-books (especially non-fiction "how to"), e-photos (booming!) scans, niche software, etc. The whole "digital goods for sale" space is soaring.

Anything can be digitized- sell it...

With e-goods selling you make the Net into a frictionless, automated distribution channel.
You sell just electrons and dollars comes in the opposite direction to you. The key to success is to build a niche/theme-focused business, your own traffic and your own clientele.

From a Web site with traffic a good e-product will be a logical next step- so the most important part is to build information/content and then traffic.
Collecting the money is the easy part of the game with a lot of order-taking/fulfillment systems


Whether you represent villa rentals in Tuscany, medical imaging manufacturers, or the services of computer programmers, you CAN sell or rent effectively online...

If you can represent it, you are more than able to rent or sell it on the Net...
The Net is becoming a useful real estate demonstration tool. There will never be a more oportunity-filled time to establish a place on the Net and when properly used, the Web is the ultimate niche-marketing-and-selling vehicle.
The ideal situation for those who represent products, or services of others is selling what people want, information...
The important thing is to deliver the content that your target market seeks, and converting traffic into sales and, or rentals.

Selling Hard Goods

Thinking about selling products online? Maybe you already are, but want to do better... much better? If so...

Year by year, both retailers and shoppers are moving ever more online.
It's the low risk, easy, efficient way to sell. And, for shoppers, it's the ideal way to buy (fast, convenient, reliable, endless variety, cheap).
So why do 98% of small business online retailers fail? And why is this little-known, disastrous "98%-fail" statistic good news for YOUR audience?

The important thing for an electronic retailer is to master a niche.
The Internet is the ultimate niche marketing-and selling vehicle and it is litterally the ideal situation for business electronic retailers.
In the online world people look for information and for solutions to problems.
The important thing is to provide the information that people are searching for and in a way that search engines like.
Before you can collect your first dollar in sales, you are going to need a site that works for you.
The basic process works and is...
A prospective customer finds one of your content pages during the search for information.
The surfer is PREsold and you gain trust and credibility.
The surfer wants more information, surfs your site and signs up for your specialized e-zine.
The visitor may not even have been looking for a product but is being interested.
It is a matter of time before that surfer buys a product, and perhaps another later on...
As this process repeats itself hundreds of times per day you are close to having a good business on the Internet.
The simple act of building an information-providing Web presence that earns small business profits- and that starts with traffic...
The process is important, and also the tools. If you do things right the first time, the system process shows you the way to build a strong store that has an online process that will generate traffic, build credibility and trust, and then generate sales and lifetime customers...

Satisfy the growing demand for information and products. Promote your small business profit idea in the right way. But...

Don't ignore the "business side" of your small business profit idea. Are you thinking of starting up, or do you have a friend wanting to start a work from home Infopreneur small business profit idea?...
Go to the special page for...Find your small business profit idea - build a Web business that works

You Want A Website Soon? Let Us Help You With the Secrets Now!

  • You do not have the time to build your own site
  • You like what you do and want to keep doing what you do best
  • Remember our watertight guarantee
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