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Now that Link Exchange is running full steam ahead, check your mailbox regularly, and be on the lookout for the "Regarding Link Value Exchange" e-mail. This is the e-mail you'll receive each time your site matches another site registered in the Value Exchange.

If you have not registered for link excanges via the Link Value Exchange, you're making a serious boo-boo for your own business. Link Value Exchange is THE best, totally-non-spammy, REAL way to link exchange with other sites related to yours AND who WANT to exchange.

Even though the Link Value Exchange's advanced Status and Accelerator tools are only available to SBIers, ANYONE can participate in this program, and receive relevant site matches from a "pool" of thousands who WANT to exchange.

If you are not happy with your current traffic stats, or your site does not have the link popularity it needs for the SEs to recognize it as a *valuable*, *credible* resource, I *HIGHLY* recommend you register for this program -- it will help your site attain its full potential, faster.

So, if you are NOT an SBI! user (another serious mistake if your current site generates less than 200 unique visitors per day -- many SBI! sites created by "non-geeky" people generate THOUSANDS of visitors per day -- if your site is not building serious traffic, you need SBI!, but I digress)...

Make it a part of your weekly site maintenance to handle your new matches. Take a few minutes to review new sites listed in the Link Value Exchange Matching Sites table -- contact the applicable/good ones, and delete the others.

In other words...

"Link excange and play with your matches." Drop the rest.

And again, while SiteSell Link Value Exchange is a great tool for YOU to use, it's an even better tool to PREsell the audience you reach. Here are the key points to emphasize...

Link Exchange II is the "backend" of Value Exchange I, launched earlier this year. It is the "do it" part of SiteSell's Link Exchange program with a twist...

It focuses on bringing high quality sites together, and encourages the sort of link exchanging that the SEs love...

Linking for the express purpose of providing valuable, relevant content to your visitors -- and NOT linking in an attempt to artificially inflate your link popularity (that's more likely to get you penalized these days).

A proper link value exchange strategy remains an important element of any Web site's promotional program.
The primary goal of a link exchange is not to drive traffic DIRECTLY (i.e., through the links themselves). The key point is that valuable in-pointing links are a critical element for the way any SE *perceives* and evaluates your site.

Increasing the number of QUALITY in-pointing links to your site may convince the SEs that your site is the most relevant for your search terms. That improves your search rankings at engines like Google.

Voila! More traffic!

And there is one more big benefit...

Inbound links are the only way to get into engines like Teoma/Jeeves. (You cannot free-submit to Teoma/ Jeeves. Their spiders must find you, and they do that through following in-bound links.)

Following the linking strategy in the SBI! Action Guide and using Link Exchange will build you a solid linking program 10 times out of 10. Google will love you, as will all the other engines. It's WIN-WIN-WIN, as usual!

SiteSell's Link Exchange

"The World's ONLY True-Blue, Real Link Exchanger that WORKS!" A powerful PREseller, now your friends, colleagues, visitors readers, and just about anyone else can find high-value, similarly themed sites, then link exchange to TRULY increase your link popularity.

It's free. It's valuable for your audience.

Take Advantage Of The Extra Link Exchange And Popularity For YOUR Site!

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