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By expert Lisa Irby

You hear the word "success" on a regular basis. People use it in reference to jobs, relationships, sports, and even to measure someone's life as a whole.

We are all successful in some way, shape or form. It's just that some people may succeed in one area while others succeed in another. The problem comes in when we play the comparison game.

How many times have you thought about a friend who possesses something you would like to have, and believed they were more successful than you because of it? Perhaps it even made you feel like a failure because you don't feel you measure up.

My question to you is, "Why are you using THEIR life as a benchmark to measure your own?"

Even though we may not be aware of this, we are often taught to define our own success in life by comparing ourselves to other people. It's great to admire someone for what they've done, but don't discount yourself in the process. People also tend to look at success as a black and white term - either you are or you aren't.

Success can come in all different areas of your life. Maybe you're a great father, cook or friend. Perhaps you have the gift of being a good listener and encouraging others when they are down. That's YOUR success story.

I am not the best public speaker, or the best athlete. I'm also not the best cook or the best gardener. However, as I've gone through life, I've found things that I am good at and focus on them instead of comparing myself to others.

I am a great writer and have a gift for helping people create and make money with their websites online. That's one of the things I enjoy doing and it makes me happy.

We all have a success story inside of us, and I challenge you to find yours and *OWN* it. It's what makes you, YOU! When you already believe you are successful, your perspective in life changes for the better.

Here's to your success! *cheers*

Lisa Irby is the Affiliate Manager for She has helped hundreds of "newbies" create a profitable website through her online tutorials. If you're looking for a SUCCESSFUL online business or a way to make some extra money on the Internet, join the free 5 Pillar Affiliate program (one of the free affiliate programs)- it's a program that stands for success.

Article Source: Lisa Irby

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Crystal-clear Directions and Brain Stimulating Ideas

The 5 Pillar program is the vehicle.

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My FREE Affiliate Programs Action Guide

View the Video Action Guide in motion...
"The Personal Guide to Online Success" helped a lot in my first weeks with the understanding of the entire SBI! - traffic-generating system.
The guide took me step-by-step through that natural way that people use the Web, and I soon realized it is the guide to succeeding in the most efficient, proven way possible!

The table of contents...

  • Intro: The 10-day Big Picture - The key to build targeted TRAFFIC.

  • Day 1: Master the All-Important Basics - Build your business's foundation right now.

  • Day 2: Develop Best Site Concept - The rest of your business rides on this desicion.

  • Day 3: Brainstorm profitable Topics - "Content Blueprint."

  • Day 4: Investigate and Plan Monetization Options - to fully plan to monetization models.

  • Day 5: Refine Site Concept and Register Domain Name - based on some final considerations.

  • Day 6: Build a Site That gets the Click! - use the block-by-block Site Builder.

  • Day 7: Build Free Traffic - attract free targeted traffic from Search Engines.

  • Day 8: Build Paid Traffic - use the Pay-Per-Click programs.

  • Day 9: Build Relationships - build credibility, ongoing communication.

  • Day 10: Know Your Visitors - get to know your visitors by using reporting tools.

The FREE page that allows you to learn the "ins" and "outs" of Site Build It! – without purchasing the product!

If you prefer not to be an affiliate, you can still look into the FREE SBI - Action Guide

Resource Recommendations and Brilliant Bargain

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Top benefits for Webmasters...HTML Editor Compatibility module
and amazing help for several groups:
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  • Entrepreneurs Designing Online Start-up

  • Website Owners Trying to Increase Their Impact and Profits

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  • University and MBA Classes Studying Strategic Internet Marketing

  • High-end, Top Quality Service for Merchants Doing Large Volumes of Sales on the Net

The 6th Pillar Program is Fantastic to Spread the Word About the 5 Pillar Program

PREsell it through the 6th Pillar
Here's how it works...

The 6th Pillar Program will be beneficial for any free affiliate program who is...
  • severely time pressured

  • overwhelmed by advice/ contradictions of online marketing

  • just starting out with their first affiliate program

  • having trouble, for whatever reason.

Lots of affiliates need and want to get started (or restarted) down the right path to revenue generation.

TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction to SiteSell's 6th Pillar Program Action Step #1...
Book The Time Now... Each Week, For The Next 8 Weeks.

Action Step #2...
Design Your Sig Files...
And The All-Important PRE-Sig!
Action Step #3...
Tell Your Friends About SBI!...
Naturally! Build BUZZ!
Action Step #4...
Take Your Promotional Efforts Offline!
Action Step #5...
The Critical Difference Between Selling and PREselling!
Action Step #6...
Making The Move To Online Promotions! (Part I)
Get On Course... Of Course! :-)
Action Step #7... Making The Move To Online Promotions! (Part II)
"Off-Topic" PREselling!
Action Step #8...
Making The Move To Online Promotions! (Part III)

The 6th Pillar Program Wrapup...
Build It Up!

time always flies when you are *DOING* something. :-)

And that is the main goal of the 6th Pillar Program. To build, you must first...DO.

So the purpose of the 6th Pillar is to provide you with eight, short, specific action steps that you can implement quickly, with a minimum of fuss.

Hopefully, you'l find 15 minutes each week to follow along, taking small, but very concrete, steps towards building critical momentum in your free affiliate programs business.

Keep Moving Forward The 6th Pillar Program reinforces an important life/business principle...
It's not how much you do, or how fast you do it, as long as you *KEEP MOVING FORWARD!*

Small, focused steps will bring you to EXACTLY the same place as larger ones... slow-but-sure wins in the end!

And that's where PERSEVERANCE comes into play. Choosing small DO-able action steps often means a longer time interval before you begin to "feel the build." But your 5 Pillar business WILL gain momentum as you consistently and patiently apply your promotional efforts!

Like a marathon runner, all you need to do is focus on putting one foot in front of the other, over and over again. You *will* reach your destination in due course!

It saddens me when people "step off the track" and give up. Unfortunately, we see that happening with new affiliates sometimes...

"The first million is the hardest."

Well, that first affiliate check is the hardest. Keep on building. The momentum grows -- that's the way the program was designed. It takes some work and time upfront, but all DO-ABLE in simple, straightforward steps.

However, don't "start fast and flare out."

The key to any online free affiliate programs business success is to...

Keep on keepin' on.

But there is one caveat...

Move forward at your own pace. Try not to get caught up judging your progress relative to SiteSell's top partners, many of whom earn thousands of commission dollars per month, and some over $10,000 per month. This is not a race and it never will be.

Success is relative - relative to YOUR unique situation, your level of online experience, the amount of time you can dedicate to your business... the list goes on.

Tailor your expectations.

Play to your strengths - if you are an offline "people person," take advantage of our "Offline Buzz" program.

If you love wooden sailboats, build an SBI! site about your passion and focus on how to earn revenues from that... e-books, affiliate relationships, services. Just a mention about how you built your beautiful site would make me happy. Being a small part your overall mix would be most satisfying. Seeing YOU succeed at what you love to do would make me the happiest.

By staying realistic and doing what you love, your motivational levels stay high. You'll celebrate each new milestone of your business with enthusiasm. You'll look forward to pushing beyond your reach... to higher and higher heights as you...

That brings us to the million-dollar question of this final wrap-it-up issue...

How do you continue to move forward, building upon the successes of the last few weeks, without the 6th Pillar Program's weekly guidance?

The answer to that question varies, according to... YOU.

Again... according to who you are, what you love, and what excites you...

On the other hand, you can also review and build upon the eight actions steps presented in the 6th Pillar Program -- especially the last one -- there is amazing power and versatility in the SiteSell Promotional Center. Or mix and match, combine and twist the various ideas, strategies and tools to come up with your own ideas.

No matter how you proceed to build your 5 Pillar business, onwards and upwards, facilitate the ongoing momentum- building process by following these essential guidelines...

When in doubt, stick with the "tried and true" strategies we highlighted over the last two months together. In developing the 6th Pillar Program, we sifted through mounds of 5 Pillar promotional material to present you with the "least-pain, most-gain" strategies. Offline promotional strategies, the Free Affiliate Programs or Service Sellers Masters Courses, the SiteSell Promotional Center (just to name a few)... all eight action steps are winners!

So if you ever feel that you're losing ground, re-energize by reviewing the 6th Pillar Program. All back-issues will be archived at the Club for easy access. You'll be able to find them in the QUICK JUMP drop-down menu.

2) Check Into The 5 Pillar Club... Often

Like every club in existence, you will feel more like an active member if you enter every week or two. Take a second to check your stats, or use the "QUICK JUMP" drop-down menu to do a little Club exploration. Get a "feel" for what's available for your use.

Please... feel more and more like the important member of the SiteSell team that you are.

Your success is SiteSell's success. So every word here is focused purely on helping you to...

Build it! Build your 5 Pillar free affiliate programs business... even if you do only a little every week, do it.

3) Review The Five Pillar Affiliate Report Weekly

The Report is the 5 Pillar Program communication lifeline. Its "job" is to...

  • Keep you up-to-date on current product developments, so you can prepare your promotions in advance

  • Motivate and encourage you by providing effective guidance and tools

  • Provide new and creative strategies that will help you continuously build your 5 Pillar business.

Just one Action Step to do that week.

The Five Pillar Affiliate Report is a time-sensitive e-zine, especially when it comes to product launches and updates. It contains information you need to know *now*. So...

Dedicate Time To Your Free Affiliate Programs Business Every Week

As I mentioned earlier, DOING is critical to success and accomplishment. And it is also the only thing that differentiates SiteSell's top earners from those who do not earn at all.

Don't worry if you can only find 20 minutes per week to apply to your promotional efforts. Never so apt is the saying...

"A journey of a thousand miles starts with but a single step."

As long as you DO take some time out of every week, you can look forward to watching your business grow and prosper over the course of the coming weeks and months.

Always keep in mind...

This *is* a viable business, not a get-rich-quick scheme. It takes time to build a business. Decide how much you want to invest in your 5 Pillar business, and then expect to receive comparable dividends in return.

Are you seeing a pattern?

Yup... the 6th Pillar, the underlying principle, is simple...

  • Stay active

  • Stay involved, in touch

  • Don't give up

  • ... especially when success is just around the corner.

To paraphrase what I said last week...

When you're just starting, you feel like your overall effort is just a drop in the ocean. But continued, repeated efforts do turn drops into waves... into tidal waves of success, in some cases. Those ongoing don't-give-up efforts will develop a thriving business for you -- one with real equity, one that grows and grows and grows.

You *CAN* do it. The Internet is nothing more than millions of computers wired together. But a person sits in front of every monitor. Reach those people in a solid, credible way. PREsell. If you do it, it will build and build and build.

Or... reach people offline and use the success of your SBI! site to PREsell -- soon, you'll be building income from a site based on something you know and love... AND based on SBI! commissions, both online and through the offline buzz.

So many ways to do it. The key is to choose and...

Yup, do it.

That's the bottom line.

We provide all the tools, the techniques, and the documentation you need. It's all there. In exchange, you are responsible for bringing just one thing to the table...


Make the commitment to succeed, and I have little doubt of the outcome. Surprisingly simple I agree, but that's really what it all boils down to in the end.

Don't look back. Keep moving forward!'s 5 Pillar Program is a high-earning, innovative program. No matter what the nature of your free affiliate programs business (from azaleas to zebras), consider fitting the 5 Pillar Program into your revenue mix...

  1. It will boost your overall effectiveness.

  2. It will become one of your top earning programs.

OK. Here's your Action Step for today... Visit the 6th Pillar Program...

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