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Dear Friend,

I wanted to tell you the news because I've just found a way for you to get $1,440.00 worth of unlimited 'smart' sequential autoresponders for your business FREE...

If you're like me, you already know that autoresponders are great for sending "automated" follow-up e-mails to your customers and subscribers. Used correctly, they can increase your sales by 30-45% overnight.

However, the trick is finding them CHEAP!

Some services will charge you $30+ per month, per series of responders. Given that most businesses need a minimum of 4-5 autoresponder series to start, this is over $1,440.00 a year -- and that's insane!

That's why I was pretty excited when I uncovered this powerful piece of automation software that includes *unlimited* series of 'smart' sequential autoresponders... FREE!

The only catch is, if you want the free autoresponders, you must be willing to give the developer feedback and proof of your success with the software (which is a completely reasonable request for a $1,440.00 per year value!)...

Read more about the software and free autoresponders, plus find out how it will automate other aspects of your business, too.

But don't wait... Normally you'd pay through the nose for unlimited autoresponders like this, so I'd hate to see you miss out on this great value.

I've just received some exciting news about Business Automation Software and I know that if you are at all familiar with running an Internet business, then you already understand that...

E-mail Is ONE OF THE MOST POWERFUL TOOLS You Have For Making Money Online.

In fact, in some situations e-mail can even be MORE powerful than your web site if you have the information and Business Automation Software tools to manage it.

I’ll be blunt though... If you get caught up running your business because you have chosen not to use business automation software...

  • Your e-mail chores...
  • Your e-mail campaigns...
  • Your follow-up offers...
  • Your newsletters...
  • And your e-mail customer service...

... then Your Competition Is Going To Leave You Behind because I guarantee that they have automated these processes with Business Automation Software.

If they are spending their time marketing their business because they have Business Automation Software that runs it for them, then your business does not stand a chance!

So how do you take control of your e-mail, your time, and your profits, as soon as possible- even overnight? Well, to answer, I have some terrific news...

I was informed of an Extremely Powerful Tool that's been in the works for the past few years now that will literally manage all facets of e-mail in your Internet business.

Put Your Business On Autopilot With Business Automation Software

This Business Automation Software tool is soooo powerful that it will literally put every e-mail function of your business on autopilot so that you can instantly...

  • INCREASE YOUR PROFITS by a dramatic 34.7% (or more!) by sending a simple follow-up e-mail to your customers, subscribers, and leads... AUTOMATICALLY!

  • START YOUR VERY OWN OPT-IN E-MAIL LIST and collect and manage the names and e-mail addresses of thousands of customers and subscribers in a single, simple database -- AUTOMATICALLY!

  • QUADRUPLE THE RESPONSE TO EACH MAILING you do by sending hundreds, even thousands of people personalized "Dear John" e-mails instead of generic "Dear Everyone" e-mails -- AUTOMATICALLY!

  • Easily start and MANAGE YOUR VERY OWN ONLINE NEWSLETTER to develop and maintain valuable relationships with your customers and subscribers -- AUTOMATICALLY!

  • USE AUTORESPONDERS TO ANSWER COMMON QUESTIONS and provide high-quality, speedy customer service using unlimited autoresponders -- AUTOMATICALLY!

  • Avoid time-wasting chores and SPEND MORE TIME GROWING your business instead of running it -- AUTOMATICALLY!

  • RUN YOUR BUSINESS FROM ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD (or have an employee run it for you) -- AUTOMATICALLY!

... and I've only really just scratched the surface here!

Be Flexible To Grow With Your Business Automation Software

This Business Automation Software tool FAR EXCEEDS the power, flexibility, and usability of anything I've ever seen like it, having been specifically designed to meet your special needs as a small e-business owner -- while being flexible enough to grow with your business!

So let’s leave it at this... If you want to increase your profits using one of the most powerful marketing tools on the Internet today, and if you want to QUIT WASTING YOUR VALUABLE TIME answering and filtering e-mail that can be put on autopilot in the next 24 hours, then go to...

And do not hesitate. The sooner you get business automation software, the sooner you can start spending your time where it is most profitable... growing and marketing your online business.

You Will Be Pleasantly Surprised

You know I am a big believer in "letting the software do the work for you." Whatever I can do to automate things is first on my list. Don't have your day taken up by daily chores- let the software do it for you!

Now, I say this not because I am lazy (well, maybe just a little), but because the key issue here is that you want to spend your time doing the important stuff such as marketing, promoting, testing ads, etc. (things which make you money and grow your business)!

Don't take this lightly; think about it. What makes your business grow? Taking care of tedious daily tasks like processing orders, filling requests, importing information into your database, etc - OR promoting your business to generate sales and growth, as well as to earn more money?

I want Business Automation Software to automatically turn itself on in the morning before I get to work, check my e-mail, and automatically process any information requests, subscribe and unsubscribe people to my newsletter, import my customers' order forms into my customer database, as well as any survey forms into my database, process any autoresponder and e-mail forwarding requests, etc.

It just leaves me with personal e-mail to take care of when I get to my computer in the morning. If I want to e-mail my customers or potential clients (from ads I have run), I want Business Automation Software that, with a push of a button, will automatically mail merge my entire customer database information into mass personalized e-mail (like "Hi John, thanks for your inquiry.)

If you have the course, you know the importance of "follow-up" offers and why it is critically important to stay in touch with your customers continually.

Business Automation Software that can do this will make my business (and your business) VERY profitable. As you may already know, more than 50% of your net profits will come from follow-up offers, if you do it right.

How about Business Automation Software that will post my ad to 15 newsgroups every week (without getting cancelled by the cancel-bots)? And the list just goes on.

Well, there is Business Automation Software which will do everything just mentioned (and much more). We use it every day, as it has been solely responsible for making the business over $70,000 so far this year.

You Don't Have To Take My Word For It

Just listen to what Keith Roberts has to say:

"My business is making nearly $30,000.00 per month of profit and the automation of providing customers with valuable product information and specials via our opt-in email list of tens of thousands of customers.

This would be unmanageable without automation. The live chat has also been helpful. And the videos make it really easy for someone like me to learn and I am no computer wiz.
Keep up the great marketing efforts.

Thank you, thank you,thank you!"

Keith Roberts - Owner

Spend your time marketing and promoting your business, not doing the daily chores! Get software that will do all of your "dirty work" for you.

Put your e-mail chores... your promotions... your customer service... your newsletter... your database clean up... plus much more... on AUTOPILOT today!

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  • You do not have the time to build your own site
  • You like what you do and want to keep doing what you do best
  • Remember our watertight guarantee
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