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Mullerthal Trail Route 1

Length 38 km - Level medium 

Echternach, the cultural and touristic highlight of the region is an ideal starting point. Next to its Willibrord Basilica, the Abbey and the ancient city center, Echternach offers many other interesting places.

If you want to relax, stop at one of the bars or terraces. The shops in the pedestrian zone are open on Sunday afternoon. There are many restaurants and hotels in Echternach which will guarantee you a pleasant stay.

From Echternach start the walk towards Rosport and the lower Sûre.

It's also possible to start from Rosport, Moersdorf, Mompach or Herborn.

The walk along the river Sûre makes the border with Germany. Take onto your right to walk into the woods behind Echternach. Route 1 leads you next to impressive rock formations to reach the locality of Steinheim.

Pass through wonderful meadows, have nice views onto the valley before getting to Rosport, where the Mullerthal Trail is passing next to the Tudor Castle.

Stop for a break in Steinheim and in Rosport.

Then continue towards Moersdorf. On this part encounter a real cultural jewel which is Girsterklaus, a very old and tiny pilgrimage chapel which offers a beautiful view on the surrounding meadows and on the Sûre valley.

Then walk down again to the valley towards the locality of Hinkel, where "Kulturhaff Millermoler" a bed and breakfast, also selling regional products, welcomes you for a rest.

The Mullerthal Trail continues towards Born and Moersdorf while passing through the forests. You can stop for a break in Born or Moersdorf.

After Moersdorf, the Mullerthal Trail leaves the river to turn to the west to Mompach. Continue your way towards Echternach passing through the forest of Herborn.

There are no places to stop and rest in this forest and you will only be able to do so at the wonderful lake in Echternach or in Echternach itself.

Mullerthal Trail Route 2

Length 37 Km - Level Difficult

Start Route 2 in Echternach but also in other villages like Berdorf, Scheidgen, Consdorf or Müllerthal.

In Echternach, start at the bus station and then walk towards Berdorf (rue Maximilien). After a short but strenuous climb, you reach the viewpoint "Troosknäppchen" from which you can see the Basilica and the surroundings.

The Mullerthal Trail then leads through Wolfsschlucht (the wolves’ canyon) where wolves could find shelter in former times.

Continue along the Aesbach brook and pass Perekop, a massive rock and then reach Hohllay. This is a cave which was used in former times to cut out the millstones. The traces of this activity can still be seen on the rocks. After that you reach the amphitheater, which is still used for theatric performances.

Then pass the locality of Berdorf known not only for its famous Berdorf cheese but also for its wonderful landscape.

The impressive rock formations in the surrounding woods makes this village the ideal starting point for many local hikes.

You continue in the Schnellert forest towards the village of Mullerthal where one of the most important mills of the whole region was located.

The mill has been restored and is opened for the public. In the mill is a restaurant, a tourist-information and a "Best of Wandern" Testcenter. There are places to stop and rest in Mullerthal.

The Mullerthal Trail continues along the brook Black Ernz towards a little picturesque cascade called Schiessentümpel.

From there walk towards the east along Eulenburg, Goldfralay and Goldkaul which are spectacular rock formations worth a little rest. Before arriving to Consdorf you pass the mill of Consdorf (Moulin de Consdorf). Rest places can be found in Consdorf village.

The Mullerthal Trail continues through rocks and woods towards an amazing crevice called Kohlscheuer. If you want to cross it, be sure to have a pocket lamp as it is very dark and narrow.

If you don't feel like crossing it, you can walk around it.

Then pass the villages of Consdorf and Scheidgen before arriving to Echternach again. There are places to stop and rest in Scheidgen and Echternach.

Mullerthal Trail Route 3


Route 3 of the Mullerthal Trail (length 37 km-level medium) is touching Route 2.

Mullerthal is a good starting point for this route but also other villages like Beaufort, Medernach, Larochette or Heffingen can be used as departure point.

If you start in Mullerthal, you walk along the Black Ernz towards Beaufort crossing the beautiful valley of Hallerbach.

From Hallerbach the brook becomes Haupeschbach leading you right in front of the Castle of Beaufort.

The impressive ruin certainly invites you for a visit during which you can also try the famous Cassero, a black currant liqueur still produced in the castle. There are several places to stop and rest in Beaufort.

The Mullerthal Trail takes you along the Hallerbach again out of Beaufort to walk to Medernach and then until Larochette.

In Larochette, the hiker is welcomed by the impressive ruin of the castle which gives the locality its unique shape.

Larochette offers many places to have a rest and it’s worth taking a break in this picturesque place.

Then walk along the brook White Ernz towards Blumenthal, a part which lies on a high plateau and thus offers wonderful views.

From Blumenthal, the trail leads through the Marscherwald, a light beech forest and along the Black Ernz.

Over a wooden bridge the hiker reaches an impressive Tavertine source.

You continue heading to Mullerthal. You arrive to Schiessentümpel, a cute small cascade which was decribed already in Route 2.

After nearly 1 km. you  reach the locality of Mullerthal.


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