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JustAnswer Curiosity Report 2022: The Year in QuestionsIntroducing a new puppy into a household that already has a dog or other pets 

By laura.cox

Posted in: The Curiosity Report

December 23, 2022

After nearly two years of shutdowns, social distancing, remote work and remote learning, 2022 signaled the start of a return to normalcy, with kids back in school, many employees returning (at least part of the time) to the office and a fresh look ahead for the new year. As the world opened up, people continued to turn to JustAnswer’s online experts for help with everything from their legal matters, taxes, health and pet concerns. We fielded more than 2.8M questions on the JustAnswer platform from January 1st - December 12th, 2022!

What kept people up at night and seeking professional guidance this past year? And how did that compare to the top-trending topics from 2021? We drilled down for a deeper look at who was asking what, and the analysis reveals a lot about what America worried about last year. 

Top Trending Question Topics on JustAnswer for 2022

Pet Problems, Electric Vehicles & Homeopathy Among Categories That Saw Biggest YOY Growth

  1. Dog behavior questions - up 286%  
  2. Cat behavior questions - up 144%  
  3. Homeopathy - up 72%
  4. Electric Vehicle questions -up 61%
  5. Small appliance repair - up 58%
  6. European law questions - up 53%
  7. California law questions - up 43% 
  8. Home Improvement - up 26%
  9. Pediatrics - up 26%
  10. Traffic law - up 25% 
  11. Mental Health - up 17% 

Dog Trainers in Demand 

Everyone remember the pandemic puppy adoption boom of 2020/2021? Well, now it seems all those furry “Covid fur babies'' we brought home are causing a boom in demand for animal behavior experts to help us train them. JustAnswer saw a huge spike in the Animal Behavior category this year, with dog behavior questions skyrocketing 286% YOY, and cat behavior questions up a whopping 144% since 2021. Overall, JustAnswer answered nearly 26,000 pet behavior questions (dogs, cats, birds – even reptiles) last year!

Top 5 Dog Training Questions in 2022 

“We recently introduced a new puppy into our home, and our 2.5 year-old dog is not taking it well. What can we do?” or “We adopted a new dog, but he keeps attacking our cat.” 

  1. Potty training challenges or indoor “accidents” 

“What’s the best way to potty train my new puppy?” or “How do I get my dog to stop peeing in the house?” 

  1. Separation anxiety 

“My dog has really bad separation anxiety. I need to go to back to work soon, and I’m not sure what to do.” For owners now spending more time out of the house, barking by pooches left at home is becoming an even more common problem, according to JustAnswer dog trainers. 

  1. Aggression toward strangers or other dogs 

As puppies get older, behaviors can change – sometimes toward aggressive tendencies around other dogs or people. A common question on JustAnswer is, “My 9-month-old puppy is suddenly showing signs of aggression toward people coming into our home. What should we do?”

  1. Puppy mouthiness

Newbie dog owners might not be expecting the sharp teeth of young puppies, and figuring out a way to stop the bleeding is a common query. For example, “My 10-week-old puppy will not stop biting our hands and feet, even after no commands, and it hurts!”

Search for Homeopathic Remedies Hotter Than Ever 

Despite widespread vaccination rates and a broad recognition that we were through the worst of the Covid pandemic, 2022 still gave us plenty of health concerns and ailments to grapple with. Between RSV and an early flu epidemic, along with recurring Covid infections, people seemed to increasingly be seeking out alternative health remedies, with questions in the Homeopathy category surging 72% YOY in 2021. Within Homeopathy, in addition to questions about sore throats, we also saw a large number of questions focused on thyroid concerns and back problems. 

Formula Shortage + Flu/Covid/RSV Triple-demic Kept Pediatricians Busy 

We saw a noteworthy and topical spike in questions for JustAnswer pediatricians this year. Pediatric specialists on JustAnswer saw an increase of 26% in the number of consultations this year compared to 2021. Much of this spike can be traced primarily during the baby formula shortage that began in Feb 2022 and lasted through July 2022, but the frightening RSV and flu epidemics this fall also contributed to the increase. 

Therapists heed the call for Mental Health help

Within the broader “Wellness” category, it’s noteworthy that the number of Mental Health questions answered on JustAnswer has increased by 17% since 2021. With rising media coverage and an increased public consciousness around the importance of mental health, it’s possible more people were inspired to reach out for professional help online. 

Gas Prices Drive EV Interest 

Continuing a trend we began to see last year, in 2022 lots of people were seeking help with Electric Vehicles. JustAnswer Auto experts answered 61% more questions about EVs this year compared to 2022. The increase was likely partially due to the historically high gas prices we experienced this year which sparked even higher interest by consumers in purchasing an EV for the first time. As a matter of fact, 2022 saw record sales for EVs, and industry experts predict that more than 1 million EVs will be sold in the US in 2023. As a story in Recode recently declared, “The electric era, it seems, is finally here.” 

Home Improvement - From Dishwashers to Swimming Pools 

People may have been traveling more in 2022, but we still invested time and energy in our homes and DIY repairs and maintenance. Within the Home Improvement category, which increased about 8% overall last year, the biggest mover was in the subcategory of Small Appliance Repair, which increased 58% YOY. Among JustAnswer chats about small appliances specifically, coffee makers, vacuum cleaners, sewing machines and microwaves were the most popular topics.  

Also within Home Improvement, we saw a significant increase in questions  about Pool & Spa, which was up 16% YOY. An unprecedented heat wave across most parts of the US this summer likely contributed to the increase in pool and spa questions specifically, as people sought relief from soaring temperatures in backyard swimming pools. 
The Random Report: “You Asked What?” 

It’s not just about the numbers. Sometimes it’s fun to take a deeper look at the very specific questions our JustAnswer experts received this year. 2022 offered the usual selection of extremely unexpected queries. Here are a few of the best: 

  • I had a dream about a white viper. Once I had it inside a jar it really was not happy with my daughter when she would walk near it. What does that mean? 
  • How can I earn lots of money and become the richest, the wealthiest, most powerful, most successful, absolute unbeaten winner in the shortest period of time? 
  • How do I stop being an egomaniac and still get a girlfriend? 
  • Can middle class people afford Bugattis? 
  • Is it wrong not to want to see a family member ever?


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