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The Mullerthal Trail is the leading hiking track in the Mullerthal Region –Luxembourg’s Little Switzerland

The Trail with its 112 km is composed by 3 big tracks

Route 1- Route 2- Route 3.

Route 1 and Route 2 pass through the City of Echternach which is largely known as the cultural and historic highlight of the region.

The three routes each have their distinction:

Besides the cultural highlights,

Route 1:

shows the typical landscape elements which are the rocks, forests and pastures.

Route 2:

passes through the heart of Luxembourg’s Little Switzerland and offers most spectacular rock formations.

Route 3:

features next to the rock formations many stream valleys and romantic castles.


The routes are all connected but can also be hiked separately. The hikes are all quite individual as departures can be undertaken from the various localities.

Furthermore, the Mullerthal Trail offers four tracks, the Extra Tours, which can also be characterized as very attractive hiking tracks.

They can be considered as departures as well as additional tours when all the other hikes have been undertaken already.

The Trail and the Extra Tours have been marked/signed completely which gives you a great feeling of security and prevents from having bad surprises

The Mullerthal Trail is leading to many beautiful view points

The Mullerthal Trail is leading to many beautiful view points and to natural and cultural highlights. Walking on the Trail is an unforgettable experience for everyone.

Children will love the region as the wonderful rock formations want to be explored and climbed.

Parents of smaller children though should take especially good care and watch their children as security barriers are not always guaranteed.

Attention: the paths cannot be undertaken with a pram or wheelchair. For information on barrier-free tracks please contact the regional tourist office. 

Leading Quality Trails-Best of Europe

The Mullerthal Trail meets the demands of modern hikers:

it offers natural paths, beautiful views, natural attractions and a consistently marked routing.

The European Ramblers’ Association was also convinced by the quality of the Mullerthal Trail and granted it as “Leading Quality Trails - Best of Europe”. This label hides a special system of criteria that takes care of the needs of hikers, makes the attractiveness of trails tangible and thereby guarantees a high standard.

In its evaluation of a footpath, the European Ramblers’ Association also checks how interesting the various stages are. Outstanding organic and geological sites, impressive forest scenarios, charming coastal landscapes, rock formations or different types of water like streams, rivers, marshes and lakes have a positive impact. Cultural sights along the way, rest areas, proximity to nature, the quality of the markings and the access to public transport are also considered.

The advantages of these high demands of the label are obvious: they offer hiking regions an incentive to thoroughly develop their hiking network and the training of hiking experts. As quality guarantee, they are a big help for hiking tourists looking for a particular destination.

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