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Over The Living in Crete Rainbow...(Souda Bay)

Kalives Harbour with construction of the new church. The harbour is a very popular and cosy place with swimming/bathing people on the nice sandy beach.

Snow on the Mountains of Crete-view from the area close to Douliana. We are very fond of our walking tours from Kalives to Douliana and Almirida.

Micha the happy walking dog in her adventure. Micha did choose us very early as her walking friend and we can see/feel her happiness every time she joins us for a good walking trip.

Kalives Harbour with Panth tx 44. A good fishing and tour vessel. We already had a lot of good trips in the Souda Bay and along the coast to Georgioupolis

The navigator Randi well on board

Goat-march on the coast east of Almirida. Sometimes we
can see more than hundred goats marching along the coast, after licking salt in the small cliff holes

The captain on his boat in Kalives

A trip to Marathi Harbour on the north side of Souda Bay. A very popular harbour with good restaurants and nice living in Crete beaches

Chessplayers in the garden at Kritiko Restaurant

Vasu, her mother and Randi. Vasu is renting out nice houses-apartments and runs a  mini-market and cafe'. This is your place in Douliana if you are looking for a peaceful and quiet living in Crete holiday.

     Laboka cathing from Souda Bay with Joy. The fish is very lively and with a tremendous taste...

Sheep march on the coast of Souda Bay - and there are many of them...

View from Tsivarás against Aptera

Almirida, a living in Crete beach in winter time

Kalives, another living in Crete Beach in winter time

Lonely on Kalives beach in stormy weather

Randi, Aik and Nikki Close to Church Hill

Friends Meeting in Retymno

Family Meeting at Samaria Gorge

Young And a Bit Older Walker in Douliana

Happy and Relaxed

Happy and More Relaxed

Good Friends

A Cup of coffe at Galazio Kima on Kalives north

A Smart Young One

Vikings Meeting In Kalives

A Good Viking Meal At Church Hill, Kalives

We Will Remember

Memory Day At War Cemetery, Souda

Soldiers Fountain, Monastery South Crete

A Visit To Aptera

Fishing Time

In Shadow


George Kneales Uncle Willies Medal From The Battle Of Crete

Contractor Working On The Former Rubbish Area

Our living in Crete Morning Goal Church Hill


Wet Boys

White Skin In The Sun Needs Care

View Over Souda Bay

The Longship Flag Flying For George Kneale

Young Family Crew

The Next Seafront Project For Kalives?

Greetings From Astrid

Astrid Two Years, Visiting Gudhjem...

Two Ladies...

Visiting Hammershus...

Resting Inside Hammershus Area...

Bird House Tree...

Astrid And Varm Dogs...

Hurry Up Mom...

Visit To Loevenholmvej...

Looks Good My Friend...

Under The Shade of a Lollibab Tree...

Resting Time...

In The Corn Field...

Happy Hour...

Family Meeting at Radisson BLU in Aarhus...

Knut Olav Dressed In Gift From Brother and Sister in Bodø...

Gok And Gakke With Team...

The Seagull Watch In Kalives...

We Have No Water (FEB-MAR) Because Of Big Problems With Water Line

Big Water Tube Almost Ready To Be Put Down In Street...

Big Water Tube Almost Ready 18-03-14...

View Souda, A Sundowner at The Retreat Taverna...

Chessplayers At Landlyst...

View Aghia Pelaghia, A Coffe Break On Trip From Iraklio...

Rest Under The Hippo And Elephant...

A Country For All Seasons

In article/interview with the new Turism Minister Angela Gerekou she quotes:

"We will compete on our own turf by way of providing quality tourism..."

A Break With The Past
"We are currently in the stage of outlining our priorities for the country's new turist identity, which will be based on green development.
Among other things, this includes the establishment of a new legal framework for the streamlining of bureaucracy and promoting the use of alternative sources of energy."

Strong Evidence of Hydrocarbon Systems in Pelopones, Crete

PGS, the Norwegian company wich completed a series of seismic research in the Ionean Sea and the sea region south of Crete, said that although the data from seismic research were still under processing, there were strong evidence of hydrocarbon systems in western Pelopones as there were "various geological characteristics of the Greek underground and a variety of possible oil potential".
The Norwegian company said processing of seismic research data was expected to be completed in early 2014.
Under the plan, Greek athorities will launch a series of international tenders for the accession of certain regions to oil companies for hydrocarbon exploration.

New Airport Heraklion

Plans For New Airport Heraklion...Chania

It's Not All About Sea And Sun

Why Turists Choose Crete...Chania, July 2014

Below Please Find Some Very Useful Inspiration, Information And Tips For Your Living in Crete

Info on airplanes, ferries, busses, carhire, hotels and activities

Ministry of Turism. The official greek turist information

WAG-A-THON Is "Barking Up The Right Tree"

News In English

Weekly Local Apokoronas News And Information

Chania Post, Your Local Free Paper


We are the weakest wheel of the European Union. Today we are facing a remarkable financial war and our country holds the role of "David" in the Eurozone. We are disappointed as we realize that our politicians have actually sold their ideals, their country.
Greece, the cradle of civilization and democracy faces the most unfair system and lives in a society ruled by inappropriate people.

"Greece is on the brink of bankruptcy. But we are not a bankrupt nation.
  • We are Greeks
  • People with the power to imagine
  • People with the intelligence to turn imagination into reality
  • People do great things when they feel great about themselves
  • And nations do great things when they feel great about themselves
  • Let's not forget about the past, but let's not bask in it either
We need a future vision which ties the things that the world loves and admires about ancient Greece with things that the world will love about future Greece."
said Peter Economides, a brand strategist with global perspective.

We agree very much with his statement and look forward to Greeks (new leaders acting) doing something about it!

Exclusive Interview With Steve Vranakis

You retain strong ties with Greece. How does it feel to watch the crisis from the outside and through more objective eyes? What is wrong with this country after all?

Greece is at the heart of everything we do as a family. Our religion, food, traditions, language, everything revolves around being Greek.
My wife is also Greek and both my sons were born in Greece. It pains me to see the country going through such a difficult time, hence why I try to do what I can to help out. As I mentioned earlier, we need to tell the world a different story. One of youth brimming with ideas, enthusiasm and optimism. People who are very entrepreneurial and driven to start their own companies.

Do you believe that Greece could be very successful in the technological sector...may be a new Silicon Valley?

According to World Economic Forum data, Greece ranks 10th in the world in terms of available scientists and engineers. Recently I was corrected and told we now rank 5th. This is an incredible achievement for a small nation like ours. Reload Greece is an organization that tries to help and mentor startups that are launched primarily by Greeks but outside of Greece. They don't necessarily encourage them to return to Greece, but to tap into our highly skilled human capital like the engineers mentioned previously. They help start ups scale and promote their businesses abroad whilst helping them retain ties and tap into the tech infrastructure of Greece. A really, really good idea and a great example of Greek ingenuity.

Despite the fact that you were not born or raised in Greece and that you currently live abroad, you are still connected with your Greek side. You don,t forget Sfakia and Chania and of course the people of Crete. What is the feeling every time you return to Crete?

Crete as we know is a very unique part of Greece. The living in Crete people are extremely proud and respectful of each other and the eart that provides them with the substinance. I am extremely proud to be Greek and incredibly honored to be from Crete. I have a small stone house in the old town of Chania that,s hundreds of years old that we spend a few months a year in and we also come back for Easter and Christmas along with the summer holidays. Every time I,m in Crete I really feel at home. I feel like I returned to where I come from. I try to use a lot of the values and principles passed down from generations to help guide my thinking and decisions even today.

Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting 2014

Two waters were tied for the silver medal: Eldorado Natural Spring Water, Eldorado, CO and first time entrant, Samaria Natural Springs Water, Crete, Greece.

Useful Web Pages For Walking Trips And Tours

Advice for Tours around Rethymno

Join the living in Crete Vikings:
If you are interested in Scandinavian people and traditions, visit:

Flight Information To - And From Chania

Chania Airport

Long Time Parking Chania Airport


Tel: 00302821065750
Mob: 00306972837159
Mob: 00306983518265



Homepage for greek ferries

Modern day and night ferries between Souda and Pireus

Do You Want To Hire A Car, Bike, Or Motor Bike?

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Places We Like In Chania

Nice Spot With Waterfall, Not Las Vegas, But In Chania...
Samaria Hotel, 69 Kidonias Str. 1866 Square,
73135 Chania, Crete, Greece
Tel: +302821038600

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 Many good living in Crete meals with good friends-We warmly recommend:

Red Bike
Christos and Evy,s Café and Creperie
25 Dorotheou Episkopou
(Behind the Metropolis Church, Old Town)
Tel: 00302821023404

The Logo...

Fish And Chips
Kalinterakis Taverna
(opposite Nefeli Hotel)
Konstantinopoleos 1
Tel: 00302821075003
Very good Fish and Chips and other dishes...

Kavouras Tavern
Akti Tompazi 1,
Harbour, Old Town
Tel: 00302821028668

Good Food...

Sweet Corner
Bus station, Chania
Tel: 00302821057757
Delivery, tel:00302821002727

Nice Place With Areas For Parking Close To The Park...

Kipos Café
Tel: 00302821052766
Tel: 00306944250700

Nice people and a good peaceful place...


Hermes Taxi: 00302821098700
Kydon Taxi: 00302821094300

Emergency Telephones

Police: 100
Turist Police: 00302821025931
Ambulance/First Aid: 166
Road help (ELPA): 104
Fire brigade: 199


Denmark/Norway/Sweden: 00302821057330
Germany: 00302821068876
France: 00306944444757
Italy: 00302821027315


10-Day Weather Forecast For Souda, Kalives And Chania Area...

Find more about Weather in Souda, GR
Click for weather forecast

Look Into The Weather Forecast For Crete Here...

Helen and Randi outside Alpha Omega's office in Kalives...

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Heavy Rain Brought A Landslide Upon The Highway, Close To Kalami

A Bit Chilly and Snow in living in Crete February

Kipos Cafe, Our Living in Crete Winter Place In Chania

The Goats In The Park Are Taken Good Care of

We Did Sing At Makis Also This Year

Better Service, But More Expensive Chania Airport, Crete 

The Sinful Past - Help, or Punishment in the Future?

Olive Oil Cannot Be Aged Like Wine - The Health Benefits Deteriorate With Age

Award Winners and Storage Rules For Greek Olive Oil  

A Historic Treasure for an Aviation Museum?

Happy  Mountain Boys visiting Crete

Smile To The New Year

Roses From Astrid

Harald And Lui With New Device

Kalle And Kanel, Fond Of The Hot Oven

Close Neighbors

Mermaids on Crete? We Have The Story About One!

Ready for Northern EU

Our Favorite Town Vipiteno, Italy

View Against Brenner from Hubertushof

Old and Nice Church in Fuhrberg, Germany

Morning Walk in Fuhrberg

More Fuhrberg

Morning Trip in Loevenholm Woods

Welcome in My Wood Morning Walkers

A Beautiful Morning

Gathering on- and Outside Trampoline

Best Friends Relaxing

Morning Coffe in The Sun

Valdemar Gentleman

Happy 17th May!

Thanks George, You Remember Good Times!

Do Not Disturb Us

Quiet Lövenholm Morning

Bambi In The Morning Sun

Morning Rabbit

Better With One Bird in Your Hand Than Three on The Roof

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Do you have tips on/a story about your favourite of the Cretan beaches? I am sure others will value/love to hear about your vacation on Crete and how you remember the days here...

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