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Knut Olav Consultant

Advisor - Engineering Services - Project  Management                        

44, Um Wues - L-6552 Berdorf - Luxembourg

Tel: +352621735117 - Tel: +4522170617

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I pledge allegiance, in my heart and soul, to the concepts of honesty, integrity, and quality in business.
I recognize that the cornerstone of success is treating all stakeholders fairly, with compassion, and with a commitment to service.
Working from abundance, I recognize that even my competitors can become important allies.
I will not tolerate crooked practices in my business, from co-workers, direct or indirect reports, supervisors, managers, suppliers, or anyone else- and if I encounter such practices, I will refuse to go along with them and report them to appropriate authorities within and outside the company.
I pledge to support the "triple bottom line" of environmental, social, and financial responsibility.
And I pledge to participate in a serious effort to focus the business community on these principles, by sharing this message with at least 100 other business leaders.

Can You Relax Like The Seals?

Please Help Us, And Yourself In The Fight Against Spamming!

We recommend that you use the guide to spam and anti-spam management...

The "Ultimate Guide To Spam And Anti-Spam Management," as well as the "E-Mail Manifesto For Small Business."

Every business needs this information. Those who do not implement its recommendations will suffer.

At its most basic level, The Deliver My Mail program is a comprehensive way to manage your business through the labyrinth of e-mail, spam, and anti-spam. But there are larger goals, too.

Much larger...

The "Deliver My Mail Package"

Follow its instructions and use its templates. You'll be up and running in no time, with bullet-proof customers who are on your side, your credibility stronger than ever, customer support volume reduced and with OPEN lines of communication via e-mail to your customers intact.

If your audience (or you!) take subscriptions to an e-zine, sell anything, use forms, have affiliates, the "Deliver My Mail" program will reduce your ongoing pain of being filtered by 99%.

It will bounce responsibility back to the ISPs, where it belongs, and put extra pressure on the bad ones who won't whitelist and who don't tell marketers "why".

Save a Lot Discount!

Are you too busy to really establish a presence online?

You want a web site, but simply do not have the time to build your own site, or you like what you do and it's better for you to spend your time doing what you do best!

Contact us today- get free start up advice and special discount.


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Knut Olav Consultant

Advisor - Engineering Services - Project  Management                       

44, Um Wues - L-6552 Berdorf - Luxembourg

Tel: +352621735117 - Tel: +4522170617

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