Block Builder 2 (BB2) TEST

The Most Advanced E-Business Builder In History! A Very Strong Statement, Can It Be True?

SBIers Shift Into Hyperdrive

It makes us more produktive. It,s more powerful, easy and fun-to-use, the software makes more sharp, modern-looking sites.

It trains us in efficient and effective page-building as we build.

BB2 is fast in the promises, but for some website-owners the up-start is slow.(delayed)

BlockBuilder 2 is SBI!,s state-of-the-Web, browser-based, drag and drop page builder.

A powerful tool that will increase both the quality and quantity of our content creation...

We must wait and hope! This text I wanted to put up on BB2, but not yet, I must wait for the day when the access comes...

We have now started moving the BB1 pages into BB2, but there is a lot of work waiting because there is much to correct from the automatic movement from one platform to another...

    BB2 delivers:

  • Interface,
  • Site Design,
  • Site designer,
  • Choose, Switch,
  • Customize,
  • Visual Page-Builder,
  • Rich Text Editor.....
  • Sitewide Dots at 20 Locations,
  • 5 Libraries,
  • Filter Tools,
  • Drag-Drop of var. block types,
  • Reusable blocks,
  • Column Blocks,
  • Raw HTML Blocks,
  • Image Blocks,
  • Every Modern Feature of Importance and then some....

BB2 builds rock-solid great looking pages that Search Engines love and that keep visitors coming back for more.

It,s a productive tool.

Building and fine-tuning high-value content pages is now fun, fast, and easy.

With SBI we are never alone,

SBI works for us, by eliminating the noise.

It is almost impossible for single persons to follow up on the important things that happens all the time...

VIDEO: OK very Instructive.

The video gives the needed information in a clear and understandable way.

SALE: Started before possible test ability,

therefore for a start, we have to belive that it,s as good as promised and overdelivers.

So far all the other products did overdeliver, so this one will for sure do the same!?

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