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AneSiteNews, Issue July 2016
July 18, 2016

One Giant Leap For Solopreneurs

The future is almost here! After months of development and testing, Trafeze is finally ready to take "one small step" outside the SBI! ecosystem and transform the lives of solopreneurs everywhere!

Hyperbole? Not at all. Trafeze is, indeed, "one giant leap" forward...

The Solopreneur's Dilemma: Solved!

The optimal online business has 2 elements...

1.targeted organic traffic

2.a proprietary product or service.

Having both remains my #1 recommendation for success. Simply follow the Action Guide to generate the traffic you need and use Make It! to develop your own product.

Easy! Here's the dilemma, though...

Many SBIers rely on passive income. You know you should be making more (much more) from your hard-won traffic. But entering the "real" world of online business can feel like a step too far...

?You don't have the time (to develop a product while maintaining/growing traffic).

?You don't want the bother or uncertainty of outsourcing (to free-up some valuable time).

?You don't want to take the risk of paying for traffic (again, to free-up "dev time" for that product).

Passive income may be frustratingly low (and shrinking every year, relative to your visitor numbers). It's easy, though (compared to the commitment it would take to "go active").

So here's the dilemma...

?Do you settle for lower income (and benefit from a simpler life)?

?Or do you take your revenue to new heights (and accept that you'll need to invest far more in your business)?

What if there were a third way - a way to substantially increase your bottom-line earnings without investing a ton of time or money (or both) in your business?

You guessed it - Trafeze is that solution! And we're going to unleash it onto the world next week!

Stand By for a Thrilling Ride...

We're as excited as heck about Trafeze's potential to transform your business. We can't get there without you, though.

And neither of us can succeed without the support of thousands and thousands of solopreneurs who have yet to discover Trafeze.

That's what Stage II is all about - growing our numbers to at least 5,000 high-quality traffic sites. And it all starts next week!

I'll save the details for the next email (this one's just the warm-up act ;-) ). For now...

1.If you haven't yet joined Trafeze, go ahead and sign up.

2.Check out what we've already done to get the word out. Go to your favorite social medium and search for Trafeze. (Remember to say hi when you're there!)

All the best,

Knut Olav

How can I help to spread the word about Trafeze? Glad you asked! To help us reach more solopreneurs faster, you’ll find some cool ways in Trafeze to get the word out to your social crowd. Remember that you need to send non-SBIers to the public site…

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