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Summer Tour Denmark-Norway-Sweden
August 26, 2017
Hello <>,

AneSite News August 2017 17-08-26

This is an important message- about news and pictures from the summer tour 2017:


Back again to the world`s strongest male-stream with its fantastic fish resources.

Norsk Luftfartsmuseum - Norwegian Aviation Museum

Visit to the very good museum about Norwegian aviation-travel-aircrafts and planes etc. from world-war II.


The story about volunteers working (17 years) with old Starfighter planes to get one registered and up and flying.

Nyholmen Skandse

Very enthusiastic people showing us the old fortifications build up by volunteers with cannon`s etc.

SMKR Halmstad

A very good meeting with Danish-Finnish-Norwegian-Swedish veterans taken good care of in every way by the swedes…


I did not join the service-men on the voyages, but have lent the pictures from the commander Jan Olav…

Below please find the new webpages from the Denmark-Norway-Sweden summer tour:

All the best,
Knut Olav

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